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  1. @NHS - My company was doing to me too. i denied them and literally fought with my HR. Computer system analyst literally 90 out of 100 are getting denied. please do not go for it..
  2. sri_visa

    RFE for Electrical Engineering

    @reddy007 - The best you can do is trust ur experience and get experience evaluation done. 3 years experience = 1 year computer science education. so you can only count on this, truth but hard. Gud luck.
  3. @AE01- So i can tell u some thing. Last week i went to Murthy office. There was a guy similar to your situation. He explained me this. 1. Application extension denied - Basis of Btech and Mtech in mechanical engineering. 2. Applied Again - Rejected again - Basis of attorney still did not convince the officer although client refiled with other documentation. 3. Applied Again - Approved - When client took some reco letters, professor opinions, the employee exp in usa of 11 years. The client is 60 B $ company IT industry. So totally i can tell you your ext would be a challenge but people gets approvals as i have been seeing. But ur case is not a cake walk. I strongly recommend to take full time and prepare all reco letters, expert opinions etc...
  4. Hi guys... This is almost my kind of background, but i do have Masters in Computer Science in USA and working in USA since 11 years. Should i have any problem as well ? I am hearing lot of rumours about this education vs job role. I have BTech in Mechanical. I have Masters in computer science in USA. (11 years USA exp) Please advise friends.
  5. Definitely you can. Its just additional packet to be reached to USCIS mentioning 2 letters. 1. why you are submitting the letter now rather at the time of rfe submission. 2. the client letter.
  6. I myself i am from Mechanical Btech, Masters in IT in USA. I went to murthy office and they said very unlikely to get an rfe. but if even we get it its a likely case to approve as they r confident on documentation specific to my case.
  7. These days as some one above mentioned. They are looking at the credibility of the employer. My brother is pharmacy microbiology. but he got approved. My friends routine employees lost H1B due to special occupation although they are from cs background, they work for desi employers.
  8. It all depends and luck bro. No predictions. most people are successful. although we see pretty decent denials too.. postpone as much as u can.
  9. sri_visa

    Beneficiary's degree - Specialty occupation RFE

    Hi Naveen Hi Naveen9999, what was the outcome on your case. can you please advise.
  10. sri_visa

    Urgent help, B.Tech vs US Masters question

    Thankyou for the reply. Yes my manager is pretty favorable to help me , but the point is i see programming, but complex work with some cms specialization. although not related to mechanical. but my company is a mechanical company overall who does creates software in cad/cam/plm/alm etc...
  11. Hi, sorry for your case. I have my cousin similar story. But his I-140 was valid (H1B and i-140 are 2 different depts) and was never touched. later some months he got a project and refiled from india and came here again. so pls do not loose hopes. in ur case looks like, your A employer filed a fraud client letter just to bring u over here. do not do such mistakes again.
  12. sri_visa

    H1B transfer denied

    Hi Stella, I need some info related to same problem as yours. can you please kindly call once.
  13. Hi friends, can some one help me answer this. My employer is not willing to file extension saying my education is different. I have B.Tech mechanical & Masters in USA in IT. (2 year degree).. I have 10.5 years experience in IT in USA. Can any one help me to explain, am i eligible. my employer says my Btech degree is not IT related so he thinks questions comes. Any insight will help me plan. Thanks in advance.
  14. sri_visa

    H1b Transfer after i94 expiry

    Hi folks , please help urgently. My H1B is expiring on sept 27th 2014 . my employer company A applied for h1b ext 4 days back and will not give the receipt number or approval until next 2 months , i am fed up with this company anyhow. but now i got a new offer from company B but can not apply before my i 94 expiry , i will be applying on oct 3rd , already LCA submitted. so have to wait for approval on LCA for company B. so my question is what are my chances of get approval for company B , i know i will be out of status for 5 days , will that be graceful consideration or USCIS will approve on basis of leave country and come back ? PLease advise experts this is so urgent and life changing decision. i request please post ur opinion.
  15. sri_visa

    Urgent Help

    Thankyou Xfitter and Metro guy