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  1. BLUE_S

    H1B with RFE

    Do you mind sharing the RFE details? May be everybody can share their expertise to create a good response.Good luck with the RFE response.
  2. BLUE_S

    H1B Transfer Denied

    Sorry to hear about the denial. Did you get an RFE before the denial?
  3. BLUE_S

    H1b Extension Denied

    Hello, Sorry to hear about your extension denial. If your H1B/I-94 is still valid, I think you are still eligible for the 60 day rule and see if you can find someone that can sponsor a H1B and apply again. Or convert to H4 and find an employer who will sponsor H1B and apply again. My renewal is coming up shortly and I too have a degree in ECE. Did you get a RFE before the denial? If yes, can you please share the RFE details and how you have responded to the RFE? Thanks and good luck.
  4. BLUE_S

    Speciality Occupation

    The problem here is there a lot of US citizens with an MBA in Marketing. You need to make your RFE response very strong showing that your role requires more skills than a normal MBA Marketing person(US citizen) has. Good luck with the RFE and keep us posted.
  5. BLUE_S

    H1B Extension - Speciality Occupation RFE

    Hello. Not sure how you would answer 1. Are you an IT professional and if yes, do you have masters in Computers? 2. I think you would have to put a % to each of the tasks that you had listed in the letter to USCIS. It doesn't have to be split at a project level. Can be a combined % across all projects. 3.I think you will have to specify the level of ownership you take on each of those tasks. Your attorney along with your HR/manager are probably the right people to answer those questions. Good luck with the RFE.
  6. Since you have a valid I-94, you will get 60 days grace period from the day you receive the hard copy of your denial notice. You can try to find another employer that could file a H1B or look for a status change such as F1..
  7. BLUE_S

    H1B1 extension denied

    Where did you read/find the 1 month timeframe to wrap up? My understanding and has been confirmed by many is that, if your I-94 is expired, you are basically out of status and have to leave the country the day you receive the hard copy of the denial notice(unless you have something else going in parallel, like a H4 transfer or another H1b filing)..
  8. BLUE_S

    H1B1 extension denied

    Wow, they did not consider your experience towards a 4 year degree? meaning 3 years of experience towards each year of your degree?
  9. BLUE_S

    H1B1 extension denied

    Sorry to hear about the rejection. My understanding is that you do not get any "grace" period. The 60 day grace period applies only if your I94 is still valid. Someone with more expertise can confirm.. Or better yet, consult an attorney ASAP. Can you please share what the RFE was about? The reason I ask is, last year they were not as hard on extensions as they are now.. Good luck.
  10. You sure can file the new LCA with a higher level wage.
  11. BLUE_S

    Area of Specilization and wagelevel RFE

    Ram, Sorry to hear about the RFE. Wondering if you/the attorney has figured out a game plan to tackle this? Good luck in fighting the RFE
  12. Kiran, Sorry to hear about your situation. I too have a Bachelors in ECE and Masters in EE. I have taken 4 math courses and 5 CS courses in undergrad and about 9 credits in Computer Engg in Masters. Unfortunately none of those degree certificates mention about the minor being in Computers. My extension is not due for couple more months, but reading incidents like yours scares the sh*t out of me. what was the reason they gave you for the denial(even after you had submitted education evaluation).. Curious to know what measures you have taken this time around, a new credential evaluation firm? Good luck with your new petition.
  13. BLUE_S

    H1B Extn RFE Degree is not related

    Hi Mari and Patsam, Do you have any updates that you could share with us. Have Y'all look in to getting credential evaluation done(if you have taken any computer related courses either in Bachelors or Masters) or even for that matter any certifications in related to the work you do? Good luck.
  14. I believe your situation requires for filing for an amendment. Did you already consult with your employer's attorney(if they have one) Or the HR?