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  1. Hi All, I have filled out and submitted ny DS-160 form on feb 26th 2012 and that time i had the interview scheduled on apr'4.for so many other reasons at work i had to reschedule my applointment to jUne...so it will be more than 3 months since i submitted the DS-160 so do i need to submit another DS_160 for my june appointment..?? Does anyone know if there is any expiration time for submitted DS-160 forms..?? Pleasse do reply me with your thoughts...it helps alot. Thanks
  2. HI Guys, who ever attended/attending vancouver consulate for H1 stamping ..please share how the things are going on now adays.....good number of EVC approvals....?? any 221g cases... Please do share your experince...now a days not many people are posting their experince after their visa is approved/rejected....Guys it is important that you share the experince because you got benefitted from this before your interview so it is your time to share your experience for the future asiprants...we should make this process to continue for more people to benefit. I have my interview on april 5th..please let me know if any one has the slot around the same time so that we can share the accomidation and tensions... Thanks
  3. Hi, I am planning to attend visa interview on April5th in Vancouver .Please reply to this thread if anyone has interview around april5th . Thanks, Sri
  4. Avish/samark, Can you please post your visa experiences once you are done with the interview ?
  5. Hi Guys, PLease let us know your experience when ever you are done with your interview....your experiences costs a lot....... thanks
  6. Hi , I have blocked my appointment on april5th at vancouver for my H1 stamping. Any one having the iterview around the same time please gather here..so that we can communicate nd plan together.. you can reach me at sriforh1 at google extension. Thanks
  7. Monika11, you are saying two different things here .you said you got rejected and again you got 221g.. those two things cannt be possible at the same time..so which one is exactlky you got 221g or rejection... please elaborate...
  8. Hi monika11, please elaborate on what is your case and what are all the questions they asked . You cannt just blame murthy or vancouver consulate for what ever you got directly besides alsmost 99% of them are getting stamped succesfully inclusing me...and these kind of comments without providing much information whould rise heartbeat for so many aspirants.... Murthy is here to share the information,experince but you cannt directly blame some one and go away..and you should not blindly trust someone and go for stamping also..because each case is different....you should analyze your case your employer background and your back ground..because all these stuff matters when you go to stamping and ofcourse very importantly your state of mind at the time of interview and how answered the questions... frankly i feel this post is bogus or false information...if it is not please provide all the information for your case... throwing words and blaming someone wont solve the issues...... Thanks
  9. you can say you are visiting some frnds in seattle..or no dates available in toronto as per your convenience...
  10. yes it should be employer..you never mention about your client in any of your legal employment docs...unless asked for in the interview.
  11. HI All, You dont need to carry anything special for POA purpose...when you land in vancouver ,at the canada immigration check they will why you are here...and they will ask you to show the appoinment letter that you will any have it. and general questions like what you do,where you live,who is your employer kind of stuff...very normal and basic questions... be confident and answer them normally without any confusion..thats all you need... and for while returning to US ..in vancouver airport at US immigration check they asked same kind of questions and in addition i was asked why i didnt i go to home country why here....?? Thats it....not much hassel...
  12. HI Sai_375, You can re submit the DS-160 any number of times you want but make sure you update your appointment with the new DS_160 confirmation number. but try to limit it to lower number like 2 or 3 times.....and better not to change before 10 days to your interview... I have also submitted DS-160 second time and then updated the appointment and i have my stamping done without any issues.... Thanks
  13. Hi... First of all i want to say thanks to murthyforum..you are doing great job for keeping the people in loop with the same pain/case. I was at vancouver on 26th too....i am F1-H1 stamping EVC model. same as above went at 8.30am and they bundled Ds-160 confirmation and passport. sent to 20th floor and thn ten printed and waited for a while and they called the token number. below the conversation: VO:who is your employer? VO:what your employer do? VO:how long you been with your employer? VO:you work at the client location ? VO:who is the client? VO:how long you been with this client? VO:how often you talk to your employer? VO:what is the highest degree you hold? VO:which university? VO:which Visa you were in previously? VO:how long you been on H1? That it the moment of truth came...golden words are revealed...YOUR VISA IS APPROVED AND WILL RECEIVE IN 3-5 business days... Just my two cents::: VO asking the questions just she want to know not for criticizing or any thing.. I really suggest Vancouver for visa stamping ,the staff are really helping and cool. be prepared and confident thats all needed and of course after all faith in almighty... Hope it helps.. feel free for any questions....
  14. HI Rohit, Thanks for sharing your experience....i think there are some other guys also who had attended on 20th..do you any clue about them...if they got the visa stamped..?? Thanks
  15. Hi vicky4564, can i get your email id to contact..??i have my interview on 26th jan..have few questions...you can reach me at sriforh1 at google extension. Thanks