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  1. My wife and I works on H1B visa and have a question on Change of Status. What is the best time to quit her job as her COS is in process. No plans to apply EAD and work now. Option 1. File for a change of status first and wait till its approved before resigning from the current job. Does she need to quit her job immediately after Approval? Any grace period? In Vermont Center, its showing 9 - 12 months of processing.Option 2. File for change of status to H4 and quit the job after receiving the H4 receipt. As we have the receipt, is her status in US Valid or Invalid? Do we know, How long are we looking to get the receipt? She will not get any payslips after quitting her job. Does it harm her COS process?
  2. Please can someone update on this.
  3. Hi All,I have approved I-140 from Employer A for 180 days. Now I am planning to Resign Employer A and join Employer B. Once I resign Employer A, they will withdraw my I-140 immediately. I have few questions as below. Can someone please clarify? My PD is in Sep 2011.1. If the I-140 is in approved state for more then 180 days and then if the Employer A tries to withdraw it, then USCIS will not revoke it and the beneficiary will be able to do H1 Extension without any problem with the new Employer. Is this rule currently in effect?2. Once I transfer my H1 to Employer B, Do I have to start PERM and I-140 again?3. If the above rule is in effect and if I change from Employer A to Employer B and Employer A withdraws my approved !-140 and the Employer B hasn't filed for my PREM and I-140, can I still change to Employer C? Will the H1B transfer to Employer C have any affect due to the withdrawn I-140 from Employer A?Thanks,
  4. Hi All, Need some help on H1B, I-140 immigration rules, could you please let me know on the below queries. I have I-140 approved from Employer A with Priority Date of Sep 2011. Completed 6 years of H1B and current H1B is on I-140 basis. Right now I am planning to resign Employer A and join Employer B. Once I resigns, Employer A (current employer) will withdraw his I-140 immediately. Questions are: 1. If the I-140 is in approved state for more than 180 days and then if the Employer A tries to withdraw it, then will the USCIS not revoke I-140 and the beneficiary will be able to do H1 Transfer/Extension without any problem with the new Employer B. Is this rule currently in effect as of 2017? 2. Once H1B is transferred to Employer B, Does the PERM and I-140 process start all over again? 3. If the above rule 1 is in effect and if he changes from Employer A to Employer B and, if Employer A withdraws approved I-140 and the Employer B hasn't filed for PREM and I-140, can I still change to Employer C? Will the H1B transfer to Employer C has any affect due to the I-140 withdrawal from Employer A? 4. If Employer A withdraws I-140. Even If the GC process starts with Employer B or Employer C, will I be able to keep the Priority Date?
  5. satyab.2002

    H1B extension based on previous I-140

    Hi, Even I am looking answers for the same questions.
  6. satyab.2002

    Passport expiry in 4 months. Can i apply EAD

    Hi, I am in the processing of applying EAD. My passport is expiring in 4 months. I already started passport renewal process. This might take 4 - 6 weeks. Meanwhile, Can i apply for EAD? I am in US on H1b visa status. To apply EAD, does the passport need to be more than 6 months valid. I know, this is import while travelling. Please, suggest Thanks
  7. satyab.2002

    Passport expiry in 4 months. Can i apply EAD

    Thanks Jairichi. Rahul, you mean Not to apply with 4 month expiry date
  8. satyab.2002

    H1b Amendment related to Client location change

    Thank you. Does anyone been in this situation? Please, post here.
  9. My question is regarding H1b Amendment. When I filed my H1b. I was working in Tampa, Fl. My employer is from Dallas, TX. In my LCA. place of employment1 is given Tampa client address and Place of employment2 has given Dallas address. Right now, I moved to Dallas for the same client. This client address comes in same county of my Address2 of LCA. Should I file for an H1b Amendment? My current client address in Dallas and my employer address are in same county.
  10. satyab.2002

    F1 (CPT) to H1B

    In have currently a MBA degree from private university, whereas first masters was in Engineering from public university (non-profit). My H1B was selected in this lottery but why is that the RFE focuses on the current CPT, as I have stayed in USA for more than the mentioned period required for CPT! I work in engineering related field but it's very obvious that, at work we apply management skills, even though one may not be in a lead/manger or management side. Then why does the RFE states to provide course with reference to job roles and also about the CPT being a integral part. If the University has approved CPT, then what is with all this RFE? Could someone please suggest the actions and any help is appreciated.
  11. satyab.2002

    F1 (CPT) to H1B

    Thank you all for the reply, it helped me find the answer. Please don't confuse, no one is abusing CPT; kindly refer 214.2(f)(10)(i); for your reference.
  12. satyab.2002

    F1 (CPT) to H1B

    Thank you all for the reply. Appreciate your time. Yes, CPT job and the H1 job are one and same. Well university don't just approve CPT if its not related to the course work. And there is no abuse of the CPT or misuse of F1 from my side. As some of you have mentioned well, I will research more about CPT and also on 'MBA CPT vs engineering CPT'
  13. Hi, I came to US on H1b in May 2012 and got I94 till Nov 2013, this is based on my passport expiry. My current visa is valid till Jan 2015. I Called Deferred Inspection for I94 update, but they said, they will correct only if POE made any mistakes. After all the research , I found only way to update I94 is to travel out of US and get in back with new I94. So, i have decided to go to Mexico (Matamoros) and get in back. I want to find out, is there any one travelled recently to get there I94 update. I am traveling through land and there is one service usvisamex dot com. Are there any one taken help from these people? Please, let me know, if anyone has any experiences Thanks
  14. satyab.2002

    Going to Matamoros for I94 renewal

    Please, can anyone update on this? Is Matamoros safe to travel by road and get back in with new I94?
  15. satyab.2002

    Going to Matamoros for I94 renewal

    Thanks for the update Shailesh030 According to CatchGul, if we go by walk and have same I 797 as of Visa. We will be good to get new I94 as of our I797.. Maybe, I will try to go to Home Country or by walk to Mexico. still need to figure it out. Do we have any forms with USCIS to get I 94 extend for H1B people? Thanks
  16. satyab.2002

    Going to Matamoros for I94 renewal

    Please suggest, Did anyone travelled to Mexico to get I94 renewal. Can we go and get back on the same day?
  17. satyab.2002

    Going to Matamoros for I94 renewal

    Hi arjunmca, Do you have valid visa to travel?. usually if H1b is approved in USA, you will get I 94 attached. I might go in Nov 1st week. Even, i am trying to see the options,not yet confirmed.
  18. satyab.2002

    I94 expiring, But visa is Valid

    Hi, I am on H1b Visa and my I-94 card is expiring based on Old Passport expiry date, But my visa is valid more 1 year now. I got my new Passport now and planning to go to Mexico (Matamoros) to renewal my I94 card. I need suggestion from people who knows anything about this situation, Is there any other way to renewal I94 card? Should i need to take visiting visa to Mexico? Can I travel in My car and make a U-turn and cross the POE? Please, suggest.
  19. satyab.2002

    I94 expiring, But visa is Valid

    Thank you for the replies. First I try nearest CBP office, if they are not able to fix the issue. Then I will go to Mexico directly and get it done.
  20. satyab.2002

    I94 expiring, But visa is Valid

    Ok. Thanks for the reply. One more thing, Should I need to take a visiting visa to enter Mexico border by car/walk?
  21. satyab.2002

    Green Card Issue

    Hi, I am in my 5th year of H1b from Company B. I have an I-140 with Company A. I moved to company B because of visa stamping rejection of Company A. Right now, my company B is not ready to start Green Card processing. I am confused now. I just has Receipt number of I-140 of Company A. I don't have any other copy. I am trying to figure out the options. 1. Can I transfer my H1b back again to Company A? If I transfer to A, I think I don't need to start my GC process again. Only issue I have is, I had 1 H1b rejection from Company A. 2. Should I need to transfer to Company C and start GC again. Main concern here is , I dont have any I-140 copy with me. I will be loosing the priority date.? Please, some one can help me in this.
  22. satyab.2002

    GC start

    Hi, I am on H1b and I-140 is approved is by Employer A. Right now, I am planning to transfer to Employer B. I just have SRC number of I-140. I dont have any copy or anything. My Question is with my SRC number of I-140 with Employer A,, Can I start GC with Employer B and use the same priority date of my old GC? Please, let me know. this is very urgent Thank you in advance
  23. satyab.2002

    Considering options to change to Vendor

    yes. you can file with direct vendor
  24. Hi, I attended H1b visa stamping on March 20th and got 221g for Client Verification. On Apt 17th, I got an email to submit my passport for further processing. So, I submitted on the same day. Till today, the passport is under process and vfs is showing that passport is at consulate for processing. So, the email from US consulate on Apr 17th indicate H1b visa apporval? Usually, if they ask us to submit passport, do they mention that the visa is approved. In my case, they said further processing. How long the process will take place? If, anyone are waiting for the passport from Hyd. Please, can you update your experience.