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  1. sunshine_ca

    H1B Visa extension : I-129

    Hello all! I'll be visiting the Mumbai consulate for my H1B visa extension (stamping) One of the documents they're asking for is the original I-129. I'm not sure if my immigration firm actually sent it to me. Does anyone know if a photocopy would be OK? Also, the LCA? thanks!
  2. Hi all, I currently live in the US and have been working on H1B visa for past 3 years. I'll be getting my H1B extension stamped at the Mumbai Consulate and have a few questions about DS160. It would be great if you could help answer. # Question-1: DS160 : Have you made specific travel plans? Me: Should I answer yes or no. If I answer yes, it asks a bunch of other questions like? # Question-1a: DS160 : Date/city/flight Of Arrival in the US . And date/city/flight of Departure? Me : I know the date I arrive here but I’m not sure when I’ll be departing # Question-1b: DS160 : Provide the locations you plan to visit in the U.S.:? Me : The city where I live or where I work? #Question-2: DS160 : Have you ever been issued a U.S. Visa? My answer , Yes. I was issued H1B in 2008 DS160 : Are you applying for the same type of visa? Me : I'm applying for an ‘extension’. I suppose my answer should be 'yes'. But just wanted to confirm. #Question-3: DS160 : Contact Person or Organization in the United States (The form says, 'Your U.S. Point of Contact can be any individual in the U.S. who knows you and can verify, if necessary, your identity. If you do not personally know anyone in the U.S., you may enter the name of the store, company, or organization you plan to visit during your trip.') Me: Should I give my company's contact information or some relative's contact info? #Question-4: DS 160 : Present employer or school address Me: Should this be what's on my I-797 (Compnay's corp. address) or where my office is actually located( where i go to work everyday)? They are different addresses. #Question-5: DS 160: Where Do You Intend to Work? Me: I have the same question as above. Should this be the actual location where i go to work everyday or what my company has specified on I-797? #Question-6: For the question where the applicant is asked to enter previous work experience, should I list my internship experience? I was on an F1 visa and paid hourly. Unfortunately, I don't remember the address and the contact number. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your response faithalways. Appreciate your help! Can anybody else help with Question# 6? thanks!