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  1. No. I haven't received yet. Does anyone know the processing time for h4 at Nebraska Service Center ?
  2. Good Morning. h1 and h4 was concurrently filed at NSC and my h1b got approved but h4 status is still showing as 'received' though both were filed under premium processing. Does any one know what is the current processing time at NSC for I-539 petitions ? Anyone experienced like this before ?
  3. sai121212

    h1b extension denial before i-94 expiry date

    Thanks for the response. Sorry, do you mean we can stay until Sep 2018 ?
  4. Hello, My h1b & my wife's h4 I-94 expires on Sep 2018. My employer might be filing for an extension sometime in June. My question is, assuming if my h1b extension gets denied before my I-94 expiry for e.g Aug 2018. Can we both still stay until I-94 end date (Sep 2018) or leave country immediately ? Thank you.
  5. Oops. Sorry. I meant, her h4 status got extended with out even applying for extension ?
  6. Hello everyone! Here is my scenario. H1B - I-797 and I-94 end date is Sep 2018. my wife's H4 I-797 and I-94 end date was valid until July 2018. We traveled to India last year and my wife's H4 I-94 date got updated to Sep 2018 (matching my I-94 and I-797). Does this mean that my wife's H4 is extended till Sep 2018 and is authorized to stay till date with out even applying for I-539 COS ? Thank you.
  7. sai121212

    Travelling to USA with mother (visitor visa) - Question

    Can I assist her with language if she has trouble understanding English ? Is it allowed ?
  8. Hi, I am planning to travel to USA with my mother (visitor visa) this year. Are we both allowed to go to same counter at POE or we both have to go separately to different counters? Can some one advice? Thanks
  9. Hello, Here is my situation. Employer A: h1b start date : Sep 2011 Approved I-140 in Sep 2014 Moved to EmpB in Oct 2015 using 140 with Emp A and got 3 years current h1b expiry with Emp B - Oct 2018 Emp B hasn't started the GC process yet. Now, my question is.. Does Emp B has to file Perm before Oct 2017 (which is my current h1b expiry date) or Sep 2016 ( which is 1 year before 6 year limit). I am confused here. Please help
  10. My emp verification letter has X salary and I got hike in the last pay stub. My stamping date is approaching soon. I can't get the new letter. Will this be a problem?
  11. Thank you. That is a big relief.
  12. Hello, I am working full time for a big company and planning to go for stamping this month. My question is, does the employment verification letter has to be given by HR or from the manager? I received it from my manager not HR. Will that be a problem? Thanks in advance
  13. sai121212

    h1 and h4 visa stamping together

    Please answer me.
  14. sai121212

    h1 and h4 visa stamping together

    Does the pay stubs & W2 needs to be original ? My company provides pay stubs and w2 through portal but not paper copies.
  15. sai121212

    h1 and h4 visa stamping together

    Appreciate your answers. Can any one explain what documents the following statement is referring to? Original letters from current and previous employers detailing your position and projects you worked on and how long you worked with your employers.