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  1. stampwithgrace

    H4 EAD to H1B

    Did you get a H1b ?
  2. stampwithgrace

    H1B application mailed on 5th

    Mostly yes. But dont know for sure. Good Luck.
  3. stampwithgrace

    H-4 EAD

    What will happen to the EAD holders incase of a revokation. Can a lawsuit stop the proposal ?
  4. stampwithgrace

    SUCCESS STORY - H1b Renewal in Mumbai with DUI- 4th Time

    I hope you got your visa.
  5. stampwithgrace

    Visa Stamping Approval Rate - Mumbai Consulate

    The approval rate is as it always was. Risks are the same. Only issue we have seen is delays in passport delivery. Seems they are doing some extra scrutiny after visa approval. Be prepared to be in India for at least 3 weeks. Drop passport/ interview as soon as you land. Good Luck
  6. stampwithgrace

    Mumbai Dropbox - Still processing 3rd week going

    Congrats. Passport delivery is quick.
  7. stampwithgrace

    Mumbai Dropbox - Still processing 3rd week going

    Quiet a few delays experienced by people in the past. I think you should get it this week.
  8. stampwithgrace

    Change of Job - Consular Processing H1b

    Thanks. Can I do this anytime after joining the new company or it has to be done before joining ?
  9. Hi - I am planning to switch jobs to a new company. But the new company filed my H1b as a Consular Processing as I was out of the country when they filed it. Now I have it approved without the I 94. I have a valid H1b Stamp from my current company. Can I work for the new company without a visa stamp ? The new company lawyer says I do not need a stamping but will need to step out of the country and come back in with the new I 797 for the new I 94 to be active. Does anyone have experience with this ?
  10. Exactly. Just stay on H4 EAD and avoid the hassle and the uncertainty of the H1b. The H4 EAD is not going anywhere soon.
  11. No this does not mean denial. This simply means they will be doing some checks on their end. Inform your employer and client to expect may be a call from USCIS or the consulate. They may or may not call but its good to inform them. I hope your employer will allow you to work remotely. Good Luck.
  12. stampwithgrace

    H-1B Stamping still in Administrative Processing

    Just prepare as if you are going for a real interview. Ask the visa officer when you will get your passport back. I had the same situation, went and the visa was approved but the passport collection happened 2 weeks later. Just preparing you mentally.
  13. stampwithgrace

    Issue with dates on H1 Visa Stamp

    Wow. Let me know how you contact the consulate for such issues. Is it the black hole of support email ? Unfortunately there is no direct way to contact the consulates.
  14. stampwithgrace

    H1B dropbox experience Mumbai

    I wish I could give you a firm answer. In my case I got it in 2 weeks exactly after my interview and three weeks total after I submitted for dropbox. Basically keep an eye on the last updated date. If it changes thats a good thing.