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  1. stampwithgrace

    Visa stamping with DUI and disorderly coduct charges

    Good post.. Thanks for posting.
  2. stampwithgrace

    DUI renewal stamping with Dropbox- 2019

    Check a detailed post I have in my profile from two years ago. It took me about 3 - 4 weeks last time for a drop box renewal with Panel done first time. They did not send me for another panel. This was in mumbai.
  3. Hello! I saw your post in one of the threads regarding your visa renewal strategy. I am in a similar situation with dui, and am awaiting my h1b visa after submitting my arrest documents to the consulate (have already done the panel the last time I applied for the visa ). My question is , how long after submitting your passports after the interview did you get your passport ? Thank you so much. 

  4. stampwithgrace

    DUI renewal stamping with Dropbox- 2019

    I have done the panel already, this time it wont be a panel as even last time I was not asked to go. But I agree 2 weeks is not enough. But no panel is required if you have already done it.
  5. stampwithgrace

    H1B stamping in New Delhi with DUI

    Post a reply please. One more DUI thread with no response. Very sad
  6. stampwithgrace

    H4 stamping with DUI Mumbai

    Can you guys update the thread after you receive help from the group ? I hate to see threads with no updates once you receive the visa. Keep updating. thats the purpose of this community
  7. stampwithgrace

    DUI renewal stamping with Dropbox- 2019

    The only way to do that on purpose is to fake select a wrong Dropbox answer. Question is will they be fine with it ?
  8. stampwithgrace

    DUI travel with case rejected & no booking

    As long as your current visa stamp is valid you should be able to reenter the country back. If you have not received any email communication from the consulate or USCIS then you are good. Check the status of your petition on the USCIS site. If it still shows approved you are good. You can also call the National Visa Center call center and ask them to see if your visa stamp is valid. If I were you and your visa stamp was valid I would just go carefree. Issue comes during visa stamping.
  9. stampwithgrace

    DUI renewal stamping with Dropbox- 2019

    I am going to India for 2 and half weeks. Do you think that will be sufficient time to drop passport for dropbox. then get a 221g for a interview. Then get it approved in the interview and finally get the passport with the visa back. Ofcourse assuming they dont create any other issue ? Also what will happen if i intentionally mark the Dropbox questionnaire so I dont get dropbox and just force go for a interview as I anyways will have to go. Has anyone ever done that ?
  10. stampwithgrace

    H4 stamping with DUI Mumbai

    Any update later ?
  11. I am going for my 5th stamping for a h1b visa with dui and eligible for Dropbox. Does anyone have recent experience with it ? Last time I was called in for a interview and then approved. Want to know the recent trends.
  12. stampwithgrace

    H4 EAD to H1B

    Did you get a H1b ?
  13. stampwithgrace

    H1B application mailed on 5th

    Mostly yes. But dont know for sure. Good Luck.
  14. stampwithgrace

    H-4 EAD

    What will happen to the EAD holders incase of a revokation. Can a lawsuit stop the proposal ?
  15. stampwithgrace

    SUCCESS STORY - H1b Renewal in Mumbai with DUI- 4th Time

    I hope you got your visa.