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  1. Got H1B approved on Nov 10...but still not getting paid as per LCA, in fact more than 50% less than the salary on LCA, whereas now they ve promptly started to deduct social security and other taxes. when confronted, they say they are looking into it !!
  2. Thank you Joe! The HR informed that the figure on the LCA is the compensation which includes base salary + bonus etc. also, I got H1b approved few days ago and the H1b start date is Nov 10 but i am still getting the old salary which is less than minimum wage requirement. I am in a bit of daze here since I am not getting the answers that i need and its not that i work for some shady consultant. this is a big reputable company that we are talking about.
  3. Thanks Joe! I have another question. can target bonus be counted as salary? I mean, by wages on the LCA, does it mean base salary or compensation which includes target bonus?
  4. Thank you for your reply JoeF! Truly appreciate it! However, I am a bit confused. Does the employer have to pay me the salary stated on the LCA from the H1B start date or when the H1B gets approved, because there's a chance they might be two different dates. Isn't it true that I need to be paid the LCA equivalent at the time of filing? Thanks again.
  5. Hello, I am currently working on F1-OPT visa as a test engineer and getting a salary of USD49000 which is well below the market average. My employer has recently filed H1B on my behalf and the salary stated in the H1b petition is USD83000 although i am still drawing the old salary. I also have a new offer letter from my employer which will be in effect from January and the base salary is 73000 and with bonus, it can go up to 80500USD which is still less than what is being stated in H1b petition. I am planning to go for visa stamping in December if my H1B gets approved. Is there going to be a problem since I will have to carry my payslips? Please advise.