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  1. vincentanand

    query regarding processing time for i140 for L1B

    There is no relation between Green card processing (Labour, I140) and your current visa (l1, H1 or any visa). So one can not expedite the other.
  2. vincentanand

    the timeline for L1B to H1B COS

    no. It can happen anytime!
  3. vincentanand

    LOST L1 Petition (i 129)

    You can get all your visa related documents from USCIS through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), by filling simple G-639 form. But it will take 2 to 3 months based on their backlog. You can also check how your request is moving online. But I suggest to file without this missing I797 and it will not impact your EB1. It is better to join the GC queue soon. This missing document will not impact your EB1 filing.
  4. vincentanand

    L1 extension approved - Query related to travel outside US

    I believe the PED is in your visa stamp as well with expiring date as 9/30? If so you should go for stamping again and get it updated with your new extended I-797 PED.
  5. vincentanand

    L1B visa for multiple visit

    There are no issues in multiple entry in L1 visa. But you should be on US payroll for the days you work in USA on L1 visa.
  6. vincentanand

    L1A extension RFE and travel to India

    If you travel outside USA, you will need stamped visa to re-enter USA. So you will have to wait outside USA till you get your L1A extension approved. Since you file your extension in premium, the 15 calendar day clock will reset from the date USCIS receives your RFE response. So you should able to get decision soon. I don't know about L1A extension approval rate. As long as you have proper documents for RFE response, it should get approved.
  7. vincentanand

    L1A to H1B conversion-help needed

    Both L1 extension and H1B processing can go parallel. A person can have any number of visa petitions being processed in parallel. One visa petition will not impact processing of another petition. Your H1B status will become effective only if you join H1B employer and generate payslip.
  8. vincentanand

    Both H1 COS and L1 Extn approved

    Your H1B will be valid only if you join the employer who filed H1B and generate payslip. Otherwise your status will be L1.
  9. Yes. You can and work in US till current visa expiry date.
  10. Some of friends in similar situation, got visitor visa for their spouse. So your spouse may get it.
  11. vincentanand

    Parents & Nephew B2 Visa Rejected

    I believe there is more probability of getting approval if only your parents apply for VISA. It is very difficult to convince VO for a single 20 year old that he will return and provide strong ties in India for him. Once your parents visa is approved, then try for your nephew separately. Good luck.
  12. vincentanand

    B2(Tourist VISA) 214B Denial

    What does your mother in law do in India? It is important to prove that she will return back to India. Assume yourself visa officer and ask yourself what will satisfy you as evidence that the candidate will return back to India after their visit to USA. This will help provide required documentation. I believe that if your father-in-law shows State Govt ID then it will prove that they will return for work in India. There is official procedure for Govt employees to get permission to get out of country. Sometimes it may not be asked to show such proof of approved leave letter, but it is good to have that letter.
  13. It does not matter 'when' you go for stamping, whether in the beginning or nearing the end of visa validity. You will get stamping as long as you have approved I-797. You don't need 'additional' documentation. You will be given stamping only based on validity dates provided in I-797.
  14. vincentanand

    L1B to L1A with approved I140

    I140 Has nothing to do with your L1B or L1B to L1A conversion. I suggest you apply H1B next year irrespective of your L1A approval or rejection. Only with H1B you can extend your stay beyond max-out of 6 years with your approved I-140. But with L1B or L1A, you must leave the country once you reach max-out.
  15. I would say that provide more detailed explanation to prove your specialized knowledge. L1B individual petitions are directly filed with USCIS and if approved you will get an approval notice ( I-797). Then you would have to take that I-797 and go to US consulate (in India?) to get stamping. As you have already approved I-797 notice , most probably you will get stamping. But in the case of L1B blanket, visa officer in consulate office will directly decide during the interview whether you have specialized knowledge or not. I would say that provide detailed and clear explaination proving your specialized knowledge. If you say some tool knowledge, can you prove that there are no resources in USA who knows how to use that tool?? You should provide all evidences that only you can work on that tool. Think on the 221g you received with L1B blanket and update the documentation with more detailed answers this time. Good luck.