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  1. My passport was requested on 5th Oct. Interview date 6th Sept. Visa stamped date 10th Nov.
  2. @rasheed1011 : mabrook. InshaAllah you will get it. All: Yesterday I called up US DOS. They said my visa approved and I will hear soon from Hyd consulate. Today I received email from Vfs to pick up the passport. I got my pp stamped for 3 years :) All the best everyone.
  3. @ nycwork I don't think, that is the case. The VO took mine lca, I129 and 797 copy. She told me she has everything she needs and will send me an email if she needs anything else. That said, they sent me an email one month after the interview to submit my resume, invitation letter, experience letters and client letter.
  4. 66 calendar days from interview date. 30 calendar days for last communication from US consulate. Wait continues........
  5. @vicky112 I spoke to my employer's attorney before submitting the invitation letter. They provided a generic template which says I am employee of so and so company. The letter shows my client name, salary, job responsibility etc and request to US embassy to grant the applicant H1B visa.
  6. @chanduk_k My personal advice - don't travel unless you really required. Doesn't matter which embassy you pick.
  7. @ nycwork Yes, I received the same questions in the email.
  8. Forgot to add.... On 7th Sept client verification completed.
  9. Interview Date: 6th Sep 2011 Consulate: Hyderabad. Model :- EC Fresh H1b or Renewal: Renewal 221g color: Blue issued case number: Yes Case number status: Status shows Case under process. VO retained passport : No Common Muslim Name: Yes Received email to submit the passport: 5th Oct Passport submission date: 5th Oct Received email with an generic questionnaire to submit documents [resume, client letter, Invitation letter etc]: 7th Oct Submitted the documents: 11th Oct Waiting for next step...........