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  1. Thanks everyone. I will answer yes and explain him. I work for big employer with more than 50k employees in USA. I work on employer client model. No vendor exist. Also I am going for stamping for same employer, same Location and same client as last time. Nothing changed. I hope there won't be any issues this time even though I answer yes. I am not eligible for drop box as per the eligibility criteria defined for it.
  2. Hi, Last time i applied for visa extension in 2013 and it got denied for some reason. I went back to india and applied new h1 without cap from there and it got approved and went for stamping. However i answered 'Yes' in DS 160 form where there is a question on overstay because i stayed in US for couple of days more (less than 15 days) after my extension is denied. US consular officer questioned it and told him that extension was denied and took couple of days to settle personal matters. Consular accepted it and issued 221g pink slip which took 3 months to get resolved and got my visa and travelled to USA. Now in 2016 - i applied for extension and its approved and i am going for stamping and planning to answer 'No' for overstay question in DS-160. will there be any issues in stamping this time. If i had answer 'Yes' for this question during last time - will this pop up this time also on consular's screen even if i mark no this time ?. i am nervous. Please someone help Thanks
  3. soha

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    Received my passport today with VISA stamping Good luck to everyone !!!! Thanks to everyone who supported and guided me !!! All - Please be confident and pray to god and surely everyone will get !!! Visa interview : 14th Dec - Given pink slip (no docs submitted) Visa stamped : 27th dec
  4. soha

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    oh ... VI - VISA INTERVIEW and I got confused with VISA ISSUED.. Sorry Ignore my question please Waiting for my VISA.. had my interview on Dec 14th
  5. soha

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    @rVins :- That's grt to hear. Congrats!!! Just Curious to ask about this please: But Why they delayed in sending the Passpor if they issued the VISA on Dec 2nd itself ? Any Idea. Anyways Its very good to hear that u got ur visa stamped.. Have safe Journey to US and good Luck !!!
  6. soha

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    @ rVins : Thanks a lot for replying me Hi, Mine is Common Muslim Name My Graduation : BE (ECE) Question Asked at Interview: 1. Your Designation 2. Which Client in US (Mine is E-C Model) 3. Which Location 4. Salary 5. Can I have your I 129 documents (showed to VO) 6. Finally My education Then Given the pink slip and mentioned 'You are Qualified for the VISA and we would like to do additional admin Processing'. Then Asked 'Have You read this White Pamphlet ?' which contains Our Rights in US as Non Immigrant Worker.I said No and he hand over the one to me. He Kept My BEP letter from my Employer. At Counter no 31 : Passport and DS 160 Confirmation Page is taken .. No other documents taken. My Approved Valid pettition is returned back to me. Please Guide Me.. I am Thinking What Next ?
  7. soha

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    Hi All, Please find my details below. Interview Date : Dec 14 2011 Received 221G Pink Slip. No Docs Asked Mine is BEP and a big US Based IT Company ---------------------------------------------------------- VO Said: You are Qualified for the VISA and we would like to do additional admin Processing. Handed over the Passport at the Counter number 31[indian Lady asking for sibling details and travel outside india]. Waiting for VISA. I am going to loose a very good opportunity for which i was waiting for more than 2 years. Got really Disappointed. Please Can someone tell me how much average time it will take to get my VISA stamped. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for helping me. I got the Soft Copy today and i am waiting for my Hard Copy,, How long will it take to reach the hard copy after the approval ? Is it a time consuming process...
  9. My Pettition is approved on Nov 4th. Status in USCIS Website : Decision. So should i need to wait till it change to 'Post Decision'. When can i expect my approval documents received ? Thanks for helping me.
  10. @ srinath2012 : Thanks for helping me. Will there be an additional receipt number given after upgrading to premium or the receipt number will be only one for my pettition.
  11. New H1B Applied : Aug - 25th 2011 Receipt Notice Received: Sep 9th 2011 Initial review status till : Oct 23rd 2011 Upgraded to premium : Oct 22nd 2011 Acceptance status from: Oct 24th 2011 Reciept notice not received yet. Waiting still :( Please advise when can i expect some status update. I hear ppl saying that we will know something within 15 days after upgrading to premium.