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  1. ranjith207

    60 Days Grace period on H1B Denial

    My I 94 expires in October. if my H1 extension is denied in November or later, will there be a 60 day grace period?
  2. Hi, My parents i94 expires on Aug 30 and I'm planning to apply for an extension this week until Oct 30. If the extension is not adjudicated before Oct 30 and they leave, What happens to the I539? Is it considered abandoned? Is the current 10-year visa 'canceled' due to I539 abandonment?
  3. Etihad is better if you have a US domestic leg in your itinerary. You won't have to collect your luggage at POE and recheck it.
  4. ranjith207

    Approved COS to F1, visa stamping in Canada

    I don't think you need a Visa to re-enter the USA if you are visiting Canada/Mexico for less than thirty days. Automatic Revalidation' rules permit such travel. https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/general/automatic-revalidation.html
  5. ranjith207

    H1B(intended to revoke) to F1 conversion

    What is the reason for NOIR? Why is your employer unwilling to send a response?