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  1. I have a valid H1B until Sep 2015 which is not Stamped. I also have the EAD (combocard). I Plan to go to India in Feb, 2014 to get married. My Question is Can I travel to India and comeback using Advance Parole, then apply for H1B amendment and sponsor H4 for my wife? or Do I have to go for H1B Stamping to maintain my H1B status, so that I can sponsor H4 for my wife?
  2. I have EAD-AP combocard. My current H1B visa expires on Sep 30, 2013. I got an extension untill Sep 30, 2015 and I have to travel to India in October 2013. Below are my questions - 1) Is it ok to return using AP and continue working with the same employer on H1B? Can I maintain my H1B status. 2) I plan to marry later, will I be able to sponsor H4 for my wife. Thanks
  3. sr.ottawa

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    In your case... was it a client verification. If yes, did your client/vendor get a call. Thanks.
  4. sr.ottawa

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    No update from my side. Guys... please post if any one has an update. Thanks
  5. sr.ottawa

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    Will it help or harm if we send an email to the consulate seeking an update? Please suggest.
  6. sr.ottawa

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    For people who attended on Nov 14... Did anybody's client or vendor get a call yet?
  7. sr.ottawa

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    Seems like many people attending today are in same situation. I think it will be helpful if every one can post here as soon as you get any email from consulate. Thanks.
  8. I went to for the Visa Interview today and got 221g - Further review. The VO took client letter, vendor letter, PO and Paystubs. He said that I will get an email in few days. Not sure how many days this will take
  9. sr.ottawa

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    I went for Visa Interview today - Nov 14, 2011. The VO took the client letter, vendor letter, PO, Pay Stubs and gave me 221g - Further Review. He said they will contact me in few days. Not sure is any body is in the same situation and how long this would take.
  10. I have an appointment in ottawa on Nov 14. I will be travelling from NJ.