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  1. Blue_cap

    Help needed for Canada Visiting Visa

    1. How long they took to approve your online application. 2. How long they took to return your password with TRV visa once online application is approved. 3. I'm living in CA, can I goto Canada consulate and submit application by in-person? and how long it will take to return password if I submit in-person.
  2. Blue_cap

    Theft of Service Arrest...please help

    Hi I can provide some information might be helpful. Please collect certified copies of your case from county court where you attended. You can get these documents by calling to clerks office in the court. They will charge like $10-20 based on state. Better order minimum of 10 copies so that you don't have to do it again. And also if you paid the fine get the copy of that one. Call to police department where you put in jail for 6hrs. They will you the reports too( request for certified copy). And also please conduct self background check at local police dept(tell them for Immigration/visa purpose). if you need more support, contact any attorney, they will provide support documents. Good luck.
  3. Blue_cap

    Cancelled Interview in Vancouver-DS160

    I am not 100%... it's non-refundable or trasferable to other countries. You need to use only for CANADA. Sorry if am giving wrong info.
  4. Hi frds, Is anybody having interview on oct 15 or 16th at Ottawas = consulate. I would like share accommodation . Please tell me which airport near to consulate, hotel? If anybody already book the motel please let me know. Thanks in Advance!
  5. Hi Raju please send email to h1bhelp123 gmail com
  6. Hi Is anybody having interview on Oct 15th Ottawa. please send email to immihelp12 @ gmail com
  7. Blue_cap

    Can we submit DS160 before 24hrs of interview

    Can some one tell me, for minimum of how many days before we need to submit DS160?
  8. HI frds, can we submit Ds160 form just before 24hrs of interview?
  9. HI frds, can we submit Ds160 form just before 24hrs of interview?
  10. Blue_cap

    Vancouver Successful Visa Stamping

    Hi Thank you very much sharing this informaion. Can you please send test email to immihelp12@ gmail com. I have question regarding criminal records. If you can send me the the person email address that would be helpful a lot to me. Thanks in Advance.
  11. HI Thank you for sharing your experience. I have one question. You said there small court work to remove records to disappear from Immig and law enforcemment. Is it expungment process? or something else. Can you please provide more details about this? please send me test email to immihelp12 @ gmail com. I have also DUI on my record. Not sure everyone know this but you can get this off your record with some small court work. I am planning to do this next month. This makes your record to disappear at law enforcement and immigration. However, FBI can you pull this out if they need to.
  12. Can you send test email to immihelp12 @ gmail com i have few Q's need to ask.
  13. Hi, Thanks for sharing your exp. I have few questions reg employer pay and W2 form. If you don't mind can you please send test email to immihelp12 @ gmail com. Thanks in Advance
  14. Hi I am looking for shared accomdation for people having interview on Oct 10/11th. Please send email to immihelp12 g mail com. Thanks
  15. Blue_cap

    Asked to come back for Reinterview @ Vancouver

    Did you attend for re-interview? what was the result?