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    H1-B cap and COS/CP

    I have accepted a job in a large company in California. They are processing my paperwork to file an H-1B with a start date in March 2012. Currently, I am on F-1 status. Since I'll be starting work in the middle of the semester, would the lawyers automatically file for H1-B CP instead of COS? I would prefer CP as I would like to travel home to India just before starting job. Issue is they never asked my preference, and they are not responding at the moment. As a second question, I previously had an H-1B visa for two years many years ago. Would I be counted against the cap again? I worry because I saw some news that the quota is getting consumed really fast in November, with some saying it will run out in early December.
  2. Thanks very much all for the great advice and perspectives!
  3. I really appreciate your replies @JoeF and @INDNewYork. May I ask you both a clarification question? @JoeF, if I understand you correctly, not having a PhD on my job start date could possibly hamper my EB-1? Is this due to USCIS requirements or more due to how company lawyers categorize cases for hires? So even if I got my PhD completion certification after 2 months of job start date, this would impact my EB-1? (I just wanted to present the specific scenario I'd face). From looking at the USCIS requirements on EB-1, there is no mention of PhD or a degree, just accomplishments and recognition in scientific field (reco letters, papers, salary, etc) to demonstrate "extraordinary ability" (this is the category that fits my profile). I'd really appreciate if you could provide just a little insight on how the process works and how the timing of the PhD can have an impact. @INDNewYork, are you implying that it is okay for the PhD completion date to be after the job start date, and as soon as my PhD is complete I can file 485? Does this mean I can file for I-140 soon after job start, regardless of having PhD in hand?
  4. I am about to complete my PhD in a US university and will join a large corporation in California next year. My managers have told me that my position qualifies for EB-1. Is my EB-1 eligibility impacted by whether I have my PhD completion certificate before or after my job start date? I am considering starting the job sooner, and returning a couple months later for my PhD defense.