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  1. Some desi IT companies involved in immigration frauds and also involved in employing foreign national H1B visa holders over US citizens. This is how they scam US workers of their jobs. They post advertisements on some websites about training and placement for job in United States, they prefer F1 Visa or OPT(optional practical training) guys than to US citizens and green card holders. If an Indian looks at the advertisement and calls them, they ask if you are on H1b or student visa(OPT) if yes, they offer free accommodation, food and free training for jobs in information technology and if the person calling is US citizen or green card holder, most of these companies reject the job offer not wanting to give them training at all and also charge them high amounts to train them in the subject. The idea behind these information technology firms providing free training and placement to these H1B holders is to get them transfer or file H1B with their firm and then put some fake experience and these companies send them to clients for jobs. In other words these IT firms are putting fake experience on their employees resumes and sending them on jobs to their client at different locations. Most of the employees working for these so called Indian IT firms are being under paid and also putting US citizens out of job, claiming US citizens job using inappropriate means. Does any one knows where i can complian about this, any names of Senators, or newspapers that can find out whats going behind the scenes.