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  1. Hello, Iam currently working on H1b Visa. Additionally, I am taking some acting classes and am getting some gigs in independent films. I wanted to know if I could additionally apply for O1 visa and simultaneously hold both H1B and O1 visa and work in films using O1 visa during weekends and continue my job during weekday on H1B visa. Is it possible? If not, what other way exists for me to work in commercials/films/tv while also maintaining my H1b day job. Thanks,
  2. How to contact the admin?
  3. pss2125

    H1B to F1 and back to H1B

    Thanks for the clarification. I had this doubt because if he is on F1, how a employer files for H1. Its not me, but I asked coz one should have all the information about what to do once laid off.
  4. pss2125

    H1B to F1 and back to H1B

    So this is the story. My friend got a fulltime job in May 2009 and had H1. He was laid off in November 2011 and then shifted to F1. He has been searching for fulltime for the last 6 months and could not get any job. Now even the H1B qouta for this year has expired. My question is: since he converted back to F1, does he have to come through 65000+20000 quota to get a job? Or since he already had H1B visa, if he finds a job tomorrow even though H1B quota for this year is finished, the employer can do transfer and take him in H1B visa right away. Thanks,
  5. pss2125

    Tricky H1B situation

    Hello All, I am in extended OPT which ends on July 22nd 2012. I am presently working as a consultant through my agency and they are applying for my H1B on April 2nd. I have asked them to apply on premium processing so that I can know my H1B approval by April 20 at max. I know the approved H1B starts only from Oct 1 2012, but once it is approved, can I switch jobs to another company before October 2012? The only reason I want to get premium processing is because I think then I can switch to a better job if it comes in June or July. But if I cannot change my employer with the approved H1B, is it worth it to get premium processing H1B? Do you think I should go only with regular H1B? The two benefits I thought of premium processing were: 1. Stress Relief 2. Switch Jobs once I get H1B. But if No.2 is not possible, should I really be considering spending extra for premium processing? Please advice. Thanks
  6. pss2125

    Starting up a company in H1B visa

    Can u work as a consultant/contractor at a startup at least?
  7. pss2125

    Starting up a company in H1B visa

    http://www.murthy.com/news/n_encent.html So does it not confirm that I can be a co founder in a company?
  8. pss2125

    Starting up a company in H1B visa

    @JoeF: Can I join a start up as an employee which has just got the seed funding put no history of revenue but backed by a Venture Capital? Will my H1B get approved if the start up files for my H1B? Thanks
  9. pss2125

    Starting up a company in H1B visa

    Joe I really like your sense of humor. You see the positive side of being deported is that I do not have to pay my flight ticket while going back :)
  10. pss2125

    Starting up a company in H1B visa

    Some big company will acquire it. Google acquired youtube for $1.65billion.
  11. Hi, Say for eg, I am in H1B visa working for Corporate.com, I want to start a tech startup like facebook called mystartup.com. There are two founders, Me and US citizen. We start in a Dorm and work on the website. After 6 months, the website gains prominence and we get a venture capital funding of 10million. Can somebody suggest me some way such that I can be a part of mystartup.com legally? 1) After 6months I want to quit Corporate.com and start working on mystartup.com fulltime. 2) Can the following model work: US citizen Equity: 50% My Equity in the name of my Mom who is in India: 50% I resign from Corporate.com after 6months. Then work as a consultant through a agency for mystartup.com as an employee. Mystartup.com becomes successfull. I sell it for $100million. My mom gets $50million. I transfer that in my account. Spend $500,000 to get my green card done. Then, I do other ventures independently. Can somebody comment on this approach. Or any other way, I can start the venture mystartup.com Thanks, Siva