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  1. I have used my friend who have GC to sign the lease.
  2. I Have opened a manager managed LLC and the manager will manage all day to day operations, hiring, buying inventories, takiing care of tax and other bills. My LLC Agreement says, I will be 100% owner (Passive) and my manager will be taking of the business, All the license are under new LLC Name and I have given my information along with that. Is this going to be problem when it comes to H1B Renewing or my green card processing, my company going to start processing my soon in 1 month. Please advice me that, what I did was correct or not
  3. thanks members, I am going to open an LLC and appoint a GC guy as ceo and make him to sign the lease again. How I can handle income tax, which i made out of the restaurant business?
  4. Hello Fellow Members, I am on my 3rd Year H1 B I recently got bought the restaurant and signed the lease with landlord, now I wanted to operate the restaurant being 100% owner and dont want any partnership in the business or adding them in the lease. what kind of CORPS or LLC's will be the best fit , that aligns with USCIS rules for H1B Programme. As a H1b person, am I eligible to buy a business in US and sign a lease? Thanks for reading my post Looking for your Response.