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  1. Good Morning, I have a question regarding EB2 to EB1 upgrade eligibility requirements I have been working in a US company as a permanent employee for past 5 years. I joined this company as Developer, then promoted as Senior Developer and recently got promoted as a Senior Manger with the same company.They sponsor my green card, and got approved I-140 in EB2 category. So I would like to know whether my recent promotion as a Senior Manager can make me eligible for EB2 to EB1 upgrade? I greatly appreciate your response. Thanks in advance, -EB2Info
  2. EB2Info

    Visiting USA

    My mother has 10 year multiple entry US visitor (B1/B2) visa approved from India. My mom got the visa to visit my brother in UK as well. She is planning to travel to UK and then come to USA from there... Does she have to go back to the country of origin before coming to to USA or can she stay in UK for a month and then come to visit us? Thank you for taking the time to read and helping me -EB2Info
  3. EB2Info

    Regarding my parents visiting visa

    My parents got 10 year multiple entry US visitor visa approved. But due to some unexpected circumstances they are unable to make their first US travel within 6 months after obtaining visa? Do they have to travel to US within 1 year of getting the visitor visa? Thanks in advance -EB2Info
  4. Hello, While I was filling I-134 petition for my mother I came across following question I have on deposit in savings banks in United States : Does this mean we can only show deposit in your savings account or can we show deposit in regular checking account also ? Thanks in advance. -EB2Info
  5. Hello, Thank you for replying to my question. I have got my i140 approval and my PD is May 2012. Can I request my employer to file i485 even if my PD is not current? Thanks again! eb2info
  6. Thank you for the quick response.
  7. I am posting this question on behalf of my friend who is in INDIA currently “ I am working in US on an H1b visa. I have an Indian passport and currently am in India on a vacation. I am returning to USA on June 25th 2013. But my current passport will expire on Oct 5th 2013 and I don't have enough time to get my passport renewed from India. Would I be able to re enter US even if my passport has only 3 months before it expires?" I am planning to file for an H1b extension as soon as I reach USA since my current H1b expires in July,2013 but do I need to wait to get my H1b extended before I can apply for premium passport renewal here in USA? If I apply for premium passport renewal immediately after arrival , that is in June 2013, can I get new paasport issued with 10 year validity based upon my current visa which is valid until July 2013. Please help, Thank you!