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  1. No I dont think so. I have my H1B validity until Aug 2015 but my passport expires in May 2015. I recently got stamped at Hyd Consulate
  2. You need to carry DS 160,passport and Appointment confirmation letter
  3. vasu12

    H1 experience at hyderabad consulate

    They are not far from each other. They are like 1 min walk from each other
  4. vasu12

    Passport Pickup

    Hi, I had my H1 B Visa approval on Thursday Nov 8 at Hyderabad and I got an email today saying the passport is ready for pickup. Does anyone know how many days will they hold it? Can i go after 3 days to pick it up?. Thanks, Vasu
  5. Yes you can. One of my friend had Chennai on I797 and he went to Hyderabad consulate and got stamping. and on my I 797 there is no location specified so it doesn't really matter. Thanks, Vasu
  6. vasu12

    Successful Stamping @ Hyderabad on Nov 8

    Hi Arjun, I asked them but they said it would take atleast couple of days. Same day is not possible. iam still waiting for my passport
  7. vasu12

    Successful Stamping @ Hyderabad on Nov 8

    I am Full Time Employee
  8. vasu12

    Passport expiry date for OFC interview

    Hi Punit, It's not required. My H1 B expiry date is Aug 16, 2015 and I had my passport expiry on May 12, 2015. I had my stamping yesterday successfully at Hyderabad. So you should be good. Thanks, Vasu
  9. I Got my Visa Approved at Hyderabad Consulate. Interview was for abt 30 seconds with no documents asked. My questions are: VO : Where did you do your MS? Me: At xx Place VO : Which University Me : At xxx University VO : So you work for XXX Company? Me: Yes VO : How long you have been working with them? Me ; XX years and XX months VO : Your visa is approved I saw most of them getting their Visa's approved. Thanks, Vasu
  10. vasu12

    Employment Duration

    Hi All, I have worked with Employer A for Client X for 2 years then Client X hired me as Full time 2 months ago. Now if the VO asks how long you have been with client X should i say just 2 years or 2 months?
  11. vasu12

    Messy System for VISA Appointment

    I planned a 1 month trip to India in November but luckily i was checking fro the dates since October first week and suddenly after couple of weeks i saw they opened the dates for November and December. I booked mine on Nov 8 @ Hyderabad Consulate
  12. vasu12

    H1B Hyderabad visa interview dates.

    Myself and couple of friends booked dates in November and when i took mine I saw whole November and december dates opened
  13. vasu12

    H1B Hyderabad visa interview dates.

    Hi H1probable, They opened the dates for 3 months. When I saw last week there were dates available whole of Nov and Dec. I booked mine on Nov 8th at Hyderabad
  14. vasu12

    NEFT payment using BOFA

    Hi Sandeep, I tried doing NEFT Payment using BOFA but they told me they can do only Wire Transfers. So my friend in India made the payment at AXIS bank
  15. vasu12

    No dates available in November for Hyd

    They already opened dates for Nov and Dec couple of days ago. I got mine for Nov 8