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  1. yes...make sure the roles are responsibilities are same in client letter, vendor letter and the "letter to uscis" provided by your employer
  2. doesn't matter who you work for. If you are a consultant better you carry the client letter
  3. I don't think you can expedite the 221G process. but i think you can get temporary permit to get into USA. One guy did this when he got struck in canada
  4. desi_guy123

    H4 to H1 stamping in canada?

    is it possible to go for h4 to H1 stamping in canada?
  5. I've been through same situation in december. i was issued admin processing because I have electronics background. I was told that it might take up to 2 months but, got my visa approved in 2 weeks. so be patient. are you guys working in IT? calgary consulate is very particular about the educational background. now they do back ground check on you. don't worry, you will get it. if you are a contractor not working at the employer site. you are not genuine. period. i'm on e-v-c...with us degree
  6. desi_guy123

    7 Feb: EVC: Vancouver: h1b Stamping Rejected :(

    Monika.. you got 221G ..you submitted all the docs..and they rejected your case in 1 week....come on ..you can try better..for 221G , if you have all the docs, they just don't reject in 1 week...
  7. desi_guy123

    7 Feb: EVC: Vancouver: h1b Stamping Rejected :(

    doesn't sound real...i don't really think that they would reject the application just like that when you have all documents...
  8. desi_guy123

    Successful VISA interview on Feb 6th @ Vancouver

    yes you can do that. I changed my ds160 from 2 times...
  9. Guys, I had my visa interview in calgary on dec 6th ...got admin processing which took 2 weeks to clear....I spoke to few people and this is what i found... 1) if you have electronics, checmcal, bio-med educational background or common muslim names ..i'm 100% sure that you are going to get admin procesing with ds-157 checked...this might take up to 2 months.... 2) if you have variations in your pay checks like ( 5000 per 1 month 5500 per next month etc) or if your lca amount doesn't match with gross pay from pay checks and the salaryy form employer letter there is 100% chance that you are goiong to get 221G asking for employer tax returns, employee bank statements, tax forms etc.... if you are from Computers background and no issues with pay checks you get the visa approval right away....so be prepared....
  10. desi_guy123

    Any H1 Stampings in Calgary, Canada

    I went to calgary on dec 6th and got admin processing which took 2 weeks to clear. every one on my day got either admin processing or 221G except one guy...all the admin processings and 221g got cleared in a month if you are planning to go to calgary be prepared to stay 4-5 weeks. If you are from bio-med like background your stay might be longer...
  11. desi_guy123

    221g Green Form but passport taken?

    as far as i know, taking or returning the passport doesn't indicate anything incase of 221G
  12. it should not be the case...I don't know the answer to your question... which consulate are you going to?
  13. desi_guy123

    DS 160 From Question

    fill another ds-160 with new location
  14. desi_guy123

    This is really urgent please help

    it is really risky to go to stamping without project...unless you are extremely lucky it is very difficult.... probably u need to postpone your trip for a couple of months...