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  1. hellomahesh

    B1 to H1B Status Change

    Have any of you guys B1 to H1 transfer successful? based on success rate we have a candidate to process for the same.. Thanks
  2. hellomahesh

    am I exempted from quota?

    I have approved I140 and waiting on for GC with priority date of feb 2003 (opted for CP). I left US over 6.6 years ago and stayed in India working for another IT company. Now my GC sponsorer (my previous H1b employer) company ready hire me again on H1 visa to join back in US (as GC dates are moving dead slow). Do I fall under H1 quota or am I exempted as I have I-140 approved?
  3. hellomahesh

    first time H1-B stampiing outside India

    Get visa stamp wherever its cheaper for you - India , Canada or Mexico. If you get in issues in canada US consulate, you have to leave Canada as well before the specified stay period - so be prepared for it as well - ask for additional period of stay in Canada while entering into canada on the context of visiting a friend/relative and/or tourism.
  4. hellomahesh

    Visa Interview at Hyderabad

    For some reason, Hyd VOs are adopting stricter position to reject/refuse/revoke/withdraw visas.
  5. A letter from company with recent date stating that you being hired for the job as in petition is definitely required. If you are going to work for client - then letter from client will be a plus. Note that the client location should be same as in petition LCA; otherwise you need an amended LCA filing. good luck
  6. Finally, the direct vendor sponsored H1b and got the visa stamp today thou after couple of hiccups. But it was painful waiting. Thanks
  7. hellomahesh

    asked to withdraw my h1b application at Hyd consulate

    Finally got the visa thru direct vendor sponsorship. my relative reappeared for visa interview at chennai along new letter from employer and got it. Thanks
  8. hellomahesh

    EVC model H1b approved in hyderabad

    Finally got the visa thru direct client vendor sponsor. Thanks
  9. hellomahesh

    asked to withdraw my h1b application at Hyd consulate

    Please someone provide me the answer what does withdrawal mean. Can I reappear again?
  10. hellomahesh

    asked to withdraw my h1b application at Hyd consulate

    Please check my other old post for Qs. Thanks
  11. hellomahesh

    asked to withdraw my h1b application at Hyd consulate

    Couple of months back my visa was revoked on the context of EVC - employee employer relationship issue. Now the direct vendor filed the petition / approved at USCIS; but now again using the same context were asked to withdraw my application, else VO will refuses the same (since I thought it will be mark on my profile, I have withdrawn the application). Is it possible to reappear for interview with additional information/letters? (meanwhile also working with attorney; but wanted to know experience forum folks ). Thanks
  12. I was forcefully asked to withdraw my H1B application at Hyderabad consulate. What does the withdrawal imply? can we reapply with additional documents again? Thanks
  13. Does Petitioner supervises you, from onsite or offsite? Does the Petitioner has right to control over work on day to day basis if such control is requried? Does the Petitioner provide any tools to employee for use/perfrom duties? Does Petitioner hire, pay, fire beneficiary? Does Petitioner evaluates the work product of beneficiary? Does beneficiary use proprietary information in order to perform duties? Does beneficiary product or end-product that directly linked to petitioners line of business? good luck
  14. Yes JoeF, they are ready to sponsor. Their only apprehension is it should not be denied again as there is cost involved. They are talking to attorney, waiting for outcome. Thanks
  15. We have talked to direct vendor and requested if they can sponsor the H1B visa; they are ready to process but want to get convinced that their application will be accepted (will not be rejected for same reason) before starting the process. Is there a proof anywhere that we can show to this vendor stating that direct client contractor application will be processed successfully? Thanks