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  1. bk777

    221G Yellow Toronto - Sep / Oct Tracker

    abrampt - did you hear back yet? please shed some light on if you did... waiting on same case here. thanks
  2. bk777

    221G Yellow Toronto - Sep / Oct Tracker

    virgos - can you please shed some light on whether or not you got your passport back and if so when? waiting on the same case here...
  3. bk777

    221G (yellow slip) Toronto - September 12 2011

    hi everyone - need some urgent info pls. I had my visa interview today and got handed a generic looking white slip which said additional administrative processing will be required despite being told by the consulate that my visa had been approved. do you know what this means and how long it typically takes to receive the passport? any input will be greatly appreciated - thanks!
  4. bk777

    H1B Visa in Toronto, Cananda

    Hi all, I assume that to travel to Canada you needed a visa? how long did the visitor's visa to Canada take?