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  1. pandubabu

    H1B Visa in Toronto, Cananda

    It is my first time stamping as well and I would like to know the same information,... 1)steps to book the visa slot(including visiting visa steps). 2) Is it preferable to book ur first time stamping in canada? 3)Any preference to what embassy is better? your response will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Can you please tell me where in Canada?
  3. pandubabu

    H1B Stamping-Questions,questions,questions..

    Can anyone please help me on this?
  4. Hey guys same boat...first time stamping...would like to travel to canada and get it done..I live in Dallas,TX Anyone looking to go from here?Or I can join one of you!Didn't book my slot yet.
  5. Hi, I was on my OPT extension(STEM-it is still valid till July 2012). I recently got my H1B approved on Oct 1 for 1 year. I am full time with a preferred vendor at the client location. I am getting married in December so would be traveling to Hyderabad. The following are my questions: 1) Can I go to either Mexico/Canada and get my stamping done? 2)What are the steps/rules I would need to follow for my stamping?(apart from booking the slot) 3) If by any chance I do not get my H1B stamped,can I come back on my F1 visa? 4) I am going to India for 20 days, how long would it take for me receive the stamped visa, would you suggest I get the visa stamped as soon as I reach Hyderabad? 5) Would you suggest I visit Hyderabad or Chennai for my stamping? 6) Do I have to submit my paper work to the embassy in advance? Your replies will be appreciated!