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  1. sen123

    H1 Transfer and No Pay Stubs

    Thanks for the response. I came to know today that my payroll is run for the current Feb month. So does it mean that I am still out of status where I dint have pay stubs for Dec and Jan? Kindly clarify. I received my SSN only in Jan. Has the date of receiving the SSN has to do with the status?
  2. sen123

    H4 -H1 change of status

    I am also having similar issues. I got my h1b approved on dec 8th 2011 and the ssn from dec 30 2011. The employer couldnt find a job for me since then and he said there is time till 2 months from the date of my ssn arrival to receive paystubs. Recently I got a FT offer and they are looking to transfer my h1b. They have requested my recent pay stubs. Can I proceed and let them know that I do not have pay stubs or can the H1b transfer still be approved without any pay stubs. Please help me on the same. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I got my H1B approved on Dec 8th 2011. I had applied for SSN on 12/30/2011. But I have not started to work on contracting jobs and hence am without any Paystubs as of now. I recently got a Full time offer in a good company and they are looking to transfer my H1b. They are requiring my latest payslips. Can they still apply for my H1b transfer without the pay stubs and if so will it be approved without any issues? Kindly let me know about the same. Thanks.
  4. H1B Filed Date: June 9th 2011 RFE Date:August 27, 2011 RFE has been responded but there is no change in the status in the USCIS website.