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  1. sundareshwar.j

    H1b extension after 140 approved

    You don't have to revoke your extension which you have applied. Once your PERM is approved you are entitled to extend your H1B in the interval of 1 year. Since your I-140 is not yet approved you will get an extension of only 1 year. If you revoke your extension, you are not entitled to stay beyond your I-94 expiry. If you have applied for the extension you are entitled to stay 180 days from the date of your I-94 expiry till you get the approval for your extension.
  2. Hi All, I have a situation as below. It will be greatly helpful if someone can assist. My company filed my H1B Extension and my wife's H4 Extension separately. Since it was taking long time and my DL was expiring I asked my company to convert my H1B Extension to Premium Processing and they did but since my wife's H4 was filed separately it was not converted to Premium Processing. Now, I have received approval for my H1B but my wife's H4 Extension is still in Processing state. I am planning to go to India along with my wife for a vacation in another 2 - 3 months. At that time we will be going for Visa Stamping (Dropbox as I am eligible for Interview Wavier). I have few questions as below. 1. If my wife's H4 Extension doesn't get approved by then will there be any problem in the Visa Stamping? 2. Can she get the H4 visa stamp based on my approved H1B even her H4 is still in processing? 3. What will happen if she gets the H4 visa stamping based on my approved H1B and then her H4 extension is approved? Thanks,
  3. Hi, I have approved I-140 from Employer A for 180 days. Now I am planning to Resign Employer A and join Employer B. Once I resign Employer A, they will withdraw my I-140 immediately. I have few questions as below. Can someone please clarify? 1. I have heard about the new USCIS rule that if the I-140 is in approved state for more then 180 days and then if the Employer tries to withdraw it, then USCIS will not revoke it and the beneficiary will be able to do H1 Extension without any problem with the new Employer. Is this rule currently in effect or yet to be published. 2. When I do the initial H1B transfer to Employer B from Employer A, my I-140 will be in approved state and hence I will get 3 years of H1. If the above rule is already in effect I should be able to get Extension on my H1 even the Employer A withdraws the approved I-140 and if Employer B hasn't filed for the new PREM and I-140. Is this understanding of mine correct? 3. If the above rule is in effect and if I change from Employer A to Employer B and Employer A withdraws my approved !-140 and the Employer B hasn't filed for my PREM and I-140, can I still change to Employer C? Will the H1B transfer to Employer C have any affect due to the withdrawn I-140 from Employer A? Thanks,
  4. sundareshwar.j

    Clarification needed on 7th Yr H1 Extension.

    Hi, Can someone please respond to my questions? It is really important to me. Thanks,
  5. Hi, I am on H1B visa (6th year). My H1B expires on 28th May 2014. My PERM priority date is 30th September 2013. If my PERM is not approved by May 2014 what are the options for my H1B extension? 1. If I go to India can I apply for I140 after my PERM is approved from India. 2. Can I apply for H1b extension for 3 more years from India. Even after my 6 year term is completey finished? 3. If I have to leave US, when should i leave. My I-94 exipreis on 28th May 2014? It is fine if I leave on 28th May 2014 also? Thanks for your help.