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  1. ranjan79

    12 March Ottawa -221g white form - EVC

    What's your contact? Email?
  2. ranjan79

    Same day Canadian visa

    Washington does. I got it the same day. As fas as I know- Buffalo does it too.
  3. Better of with Monday/Tuesday.
  4. Congrats !!! Can you tell more about your case? Were you a direct employee? Got 221g white? If EVC- was your clinet contacted- if so when? I see it took you 2 months more than the usual trend in Ottawa..so I am curious.
  5. ranjan79

    Approximate Time in 221G white processing in Canada

    Was it admin processing or further review??
  6. Akgoje- What was the reaffirmation about? I am assumign it was some good news. Did you client screw up while responding to the VO- or something else?
  7. ranjan79

    March 13th Ottawa H1B Stamping

    Don't come - you may get a 221g..
  8. don't come to Ottawa...we are tsuck here..
  9. Hi All- I know 5 of us who got 221 g yesterday- so be careful. I have a US masters and the VO did not ask about it either. The most important thing is - your emplyer controls your work not your cleint. It's a tricky thing - and the VO will ask most of the questions around this. So if you report to you emplyer you should be good- does not mean you wont get a 221g though.
  10. ranjan79

    221 G in Ottawa - March 5th- Tracker

    Please let me know your hotel no or email....me at rishuranjan at the rate of google..com.. ok
  11. ranjan79

    221 G in Ottawa - March 5th- Tracker

    mjay- what's your email..reach me at rishuranjan at the rate of g...m...a...i...l
  12. ranjan79

    221 G in Ottawa - March 5th- Tracker

    The VO is trying to determine how much control your employer has on your day to day work. He is asking questions- Who do you report to? How often? How do you report? -Email/Phone? I will suggest everyone in EVC model to not come to Ottawa unless there is a pressing need. Only on Mar 5th on ths forum there has been 5 folks who were issued 221 g and now the waiting game starts. Make sure you have - Client Letter Vendor Letter Updated LCA
  13. ranjan79

    221 G in Ottawa - March 5th- Tracker

    Hi all..who so ever is stuck here- you can reach me at rishuranjan at the rate og g.....m...i.....l
  14. ranjan79

    Ottawa - 221g cases

    feb27@ottawa- what's your emaill..you can reach me at rishuranjan at thr rate g...m..i..l..
  15. ranjan79

    Ottawa - 221g cases

    what's your e mail...you can reach me at rishuranjan at the rate google..