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  1. Technically NO. I was reporting to my employer whenever he had questions regarding project issues. more like on call support. I think it is legal to work as long as you report to your employer? please correct me if I am wrong.
  2. Technically NO...but I was reporting to my employer whenever they had issues in the project. I believe it is legal to support if there are any issues right? Since I am just reporting to my employer. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  3. Guys, Any suggestions please?
  4. swamy999

    How to Cancel H1B VISA currently under 221G BLUE

    You can send an email to ChennaiNIV@state.gov and make an appointment. You need to appear in person on Thursday afternoon session and sign a sworn stmt after which they will cancel your application and send your documents.
  5. Experts, Please suggest whether I can mention during the interview that I was working for the last three months for the client remotely during my previous 221g (Admin processing) wait period? Is it something legal to work remotely for client even though I move to different employer/prime vendor? Please suggest me how I can handle that question. Thanks. Swamy
  6. swamy999

    Admin processing - Full time employee

    for FTE's I believe if your company is reputed, 90% you should get VISA approved. Otherwise get some good documentation and be prepared for max wait for 2 months for FTE. 99% even after query you will get VISA. But please avoid casual visits. If there is any imp occasion you may consider coming out of country.
  7. swamy999

    EVC model H1b approved in hyderabad

    @Seeni - My heartly congrats on your VISA. Could you please post all VO questions? Did they ask you about the Client letter? If yes, could you please tel me what is the format of your client letter? I really appreciate your help. Thanks
  8. Appdev, Could you please share your contact info? or could you please tell me the format and brief description of your client letter. I am looking for info like the contents of the letter [Client, employer?, period of assignment?, project description? role? responsibilities?]. Thanks.