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  1. vicky112

    can i port PD of revoked i140

    i was working with emp A till july 2013. last year i found a better job and moved on. i have approved i140 with emp A. i got 3 years h1b extension when emp B filed for h1b transfer. last month i came to know from my previous emp that they revoked my i140 and h1b since i no longer work with them. i have 2 question. 1) emp B agreed to start gc processing. can i still use my PD from emp A even after emp revoked i140. 2) can i get h1b extenions based on revoked i140?
  2. Can anyone please provide the complete checklist. does i134 form need to be notarized? thanks
  3. vicky112

    I-140 or PERM copy needed if i change company?

    u paying for i140 is not at all acceptable. now a days people are lot getting lot of queries for labor and i140. one common query is about "who is paying for gc". it always should be employer according to law.
  4. Hi All, this is regarding my friends issue. My friend was working with company A and they started GC. his i140 got approved with company A. he has i140 approval copy. last year he got a better oppurtunity from company B and got 3 years extension based on the i140 from company A. company B was supposed to start his GC this January but due to some policy changes in the company, they said they are not going to start GC to employees any more. now my friend started the job search again. he has few questions. 1) will he get 3 years extension when he transfer his h1b to emp C with i140 approval copy from emp A? 2) he does not know if emp A has revoked the i140. 3) how many extensions can he get based on i140 approval(if it was not revoked) from company A?
  5. vicky112

    issue with 2 weeks notice

    i just looked into my employment contract over and over. he cleverly mentioned 30 days notice required part in different section. my new employer is not willing to move the start date. what are my options now. i have been working with the same company for over 8 years now. still could not believe he is doing this to me after working hard for so many years. i want to leave this company as soon as possible. i am ready to loose this months pay. can my current employer sue me for not giving 4 weeks notice. if he sues me, what are the consequences i need to face? will it create any hurdles in my visa status?
  6. vicky112

    issue with 2 weeks notice

    i gave my 2 weeks notice to current employer. now is saying i need to give 4 weeks notice. i dont recall singing any documents. i cant wait for 4 weeks because my new employer wont wait till that long. what are the consequences if i leave the current company after 2 weeks. will he able to file a case against me? whats the worst case scenario.
  7. vicky112

    my friends labor got rejected

    Dude, i am not talking about others. i am just talking about my friend.
  8. he is working for one of the top companies in USA. he is working in core(mechanical) his company applied for his labor in jan 2013. they never received any query. The reason is not providing educational data. The attorney mentioned that information was not required while filling the case. how ever they never received the audit or query. its direct rejection. now the attorney suggested 2 options. 1. applying for re-opening the case. in this case it may take more than a year and not sure about the result. 2. re-applying labor. for this my frnd has to wait to jan or may 2014. my question is Can we apply for motion to re-open and wait till jan/may .if it is still pending, apply for new one? Can 1 candidate have 2 labors from same company? Please advice which option to choose. i really feel its unfair for my friend. he is a hard working boy. always first in class. graduated from top univ. working in a top company. and he has to go through all of this.
  9. My i140 got approved in april. and i am in my 5th year of h1b. my 6 years quota will complete in oct 2014. 2 days back i was interviewed and i am very positive about that. now my question is how safe is it transfer h1b just 3 months after i140 approval. some people say we have to wait for 6 months. not sure. now when my new company files for h1b transfer will get 3 years because of i140 approval or i will just get 15 months which is left in 6 years quota. i would really appreciate if some one can explain in detail. Thanks!
  10. vicky112

    changing company in 6th year h1b with approved i140

    will i get 3 years extension with the new company? the problem is 99% of the companies start GC processing only after 1-1.5 years. and i have jusy 1 year left in my 6years h1b quota
  11. i am working for a company in MI. i have a approved i140(approved in march 2013). i am going to get married next month and the girl whom i am marrying is working in TX. how safe is it to change company in 6th of h1b with approved i140? when i do a h1b transfer will i get 3 years extension based on approved i140 from my first company or will i get just 1year which is left?
  12. Hi All, Just wanted to share my drop box experience. my back ground: working as fulltime emp in a small company(10 employees). attended visa interview in 2011 dec which expired in 2012 nov. so i was eligible. as this system is new, i was a bit worried. the only thing which forced me to select dropbox is the traffic in Hyd. As you all know if we attend the visa interview, we have to take 2 appointments.1 for fingerprints and 1 for visa interview. It takes 2 hours to go to embassy. so half day would be wasted for that. As i came to india for my marriage, i could not afford so much of time. read experiences of candidates who choosed dropbox and then decided to take a chance. submitted all my docs on may 1st. the lady who collected seems to be inexperienced. he said i have to submit only i797 copy, passports and ds 160, confirmation letter. but i forced her to take all the supporting docs. trust me i gave her my h1b packet which my attorney gave me. its 125 pages. in addition i also gave her copies of pay stubs, w2's, exp letters etc. i tracked my status online. on may 3rd it said administrative processing. kept my cool as some one said its common in drop box. on may 6th it said Issued and i got a email. collected my passport on may 7th. my frnd collected my passport. my Suggestion to people who choose dropbox: no matter what, submit all supporting docs even if the person there says they are not necessary. force them and make sure they collect ur docs.
  13. is there anyway to track it? if yes please provide the link thanks in advance
  14. vicky112

    is interview waiver safe?

    no body used it????
  15. vicky112

    is interview waiver safe?

    no body used it????