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  1. Just FYI, folks who are looking for hotels...look for price line express deals..I found very cheap ($70-$90) near by YVR in 3+ star rated hotels,...
  2. HI Swatina, Yes, My wife (F1) & me (H1 extension) received passport on Friday itself, and I directly went to consulate to pick it up in the morning hours (11 AM, where my status got changed to issued at 9:15 AM on same day). Since I have some emergency travel, I was allowed to consulate office (20th flr) and collected our passports. But few people attended on 21st still didn't receive...hoping they would have got some update today..
  3. yes, in Vancouver ..as far as I know people attended on july 21st didn't receive passports yet....but later dates attended ones received....at least good sign... waiting for our turn....
  4. My wife & me attended on July 21st, haven;t received any update from consulate regarding passport return. No updates in summary page and in other ceac site it shows admin processing with interview date as last updated. As far as I know none received passports with visa prints who attended july 21st or later.... I got couple of emails from few folks, who attended in calgary, ottawa, kingston (jamaica), and same issue there too. so far no luck in sending emails also to consulate, as simple reply is passport an be returned without stamping and need to submitted 2 days before go to US. Hoping for the best.... Though it might be resolved this week, it might be delayed little in processing due to pending applications. So folks who are planning to attend NIV interviews at other than home country, think twice and plan well....GLTA....
  5. seems we are stuck guys...technical issue is across the world. Can see in Canadian website too, So folks who are planning next week be prepare for longer stay or postpone rather joining in waiting game... http://canada.usembassy.gov/visas/visas.html The Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs is currently experiencing technical problems with our passport/visa system. This issue is worldwide and is not specific to any particular country, citizenship document, or visa category. We apologize to applicants who are experiencing delays or are unable to obtain a passport, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or visa at this time. We are working urgently to correct the problem andexpect our system to be fully operational again soon. Thx,
  6. hi Sriram, Yes, mine is also showing same administrative processing. When I checked in forum usually that is how they update system during application processing. As per forum update in the past it was same for folks who got pp in couple of days. May be system crash is true...tkris131 thx....
  7. Sriram/Raj, reach me in google mail.... here it is Tom King Rob Ian Sam one three one.... use first letter and numbers. thx.
  8. Any luck folks in pp return who attended on July 21...I'm still in waiting boat...
  9. Thanks guy for the response. Yes, I did check in spam but there is nothing and been checking application status page, reference Id (loomisexpress...). I went to pick-up location (richmond) also, but the answer from them is they won't receive it until waybill number is generated...actually that guy checked using my reference id too... Hi Sriram/Raj, Any luck in waybill number ? Mine is still same.... here is my email......***************at the rate gmail... thanks, kris
  10. Hi Friends, My H1b visa was approved on July 21st, 2014 (9:30 AM slot). Mine is a 2nd time extension on I-140, and I'm FTE. So it was a straight fwd interview with 2 or 3 questions. Today is 3rd day from my interview date, but still didn't see any updates regarding Loomis waybill number on my application status page. Is anybody attended on July 21st, and received their passport ? Appreciate your help... Thanks, Kris
  11. kris0485

    H1B and H4 stamping

    oh..good to know...I'm new to this thread...mine is other way to the posted Q.. I'm on H1 and my wife is changing from H4 to f1....can we together with a family appointment.. Appreciate inputs from anybody went thru this... Thanks, Hari K S
  12. kris0485

    Latest Appointment in Vancouver

    Thanks Hawk...
  13. Hi Friends, Is anyone attended H4 to F1 visa stamping in Vancouver Canada ? Appreciate if you can share your experience... Thx, Kris
  14. Hi , Can anybody please let me know the latest appointment available in Vancouver, Canada. I'm planning to attend in first week of May. Appreciate your help. Thanks, Kris
  15. HI Folks, Today [ Nov, 23rd], attended VISA interview for H1 renewal at Vancouver, Canada. I got approved for VISA, Mine is h1 renewal, EVC model, I have US masters degree, same company thru out, and same client too here are interview questions, it was a 10 min interview but not many questions, and none of the docs asked other than passport/i797A/DS 160 confirmation page 1. Are you on h1 already ? yes 2. Who is your employer? X company 3. what do you do for the company? just explained in a single a sentence 4. how long been working ? x years 5. do you work for US client? yes 6. what is client name and where it is located? west coast (place) 7. Where is your employer place? east coast (place) 8. Do you contact employer regularly? yes, thru phone calls and web conference 9. Did you go to school in US, which place? yes, told school name and place 10. Is your employer filed immigration petition for you ? No 10. Have you ever been to your employer office and do you know how many people are working on site? Yes, been there 3 yrs back and told total employees working for my company, but not sure how many are working on site currently And the final word is, VISA approved , will take three business days And my frnd also attended with me, same time and he is a FTE (but other details are same). His questions are straight fwd since he is a FTE. Hope this helps to other who are planning for VISA interview.. gud luck and all the best