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  1. Hi, I am sharing myVisa steaming experience.My interview was on May 15. Vo:Whom do you work for Me:XYZ Vo:what is your role and responsibility Me: answerd my roles and responsibilities Vo:How much is your pay Me:$xxx Vo:visa is approved you will get your passport in 3 days. I got my passport on May18. Just thought of sharing my experience.
  2. Forgot to mention, They didnt ask any question during i94 renewal. They just asked for her i797 and the recent address in USA. Once this is done she got her new i94 and while coming out there is a security officer who checks our passport. She asked for her passport and I797 and asked who she works for and thats all.
  3. Hello All and @siddu_raj, Yesterday my wife went to the Mexico Border near San Diego and she successfully got her i94 renewed. Thanks to each and everyone for sharing there experiences that really helped to follow the route there. @SidduRaj, Please follow the instructions given in this forum on how to reach the i94 counter there in San Diego. It really helps a lot. Please let me know for any further questions. She entered into the Mexico border around 10:40 AM and came out by 11:55 AM.
  4. Hello friends, My wife is going to San Diego this week end for her i94 renewal. Can someone please tell if anyone had recently been to mexico border near San diego and are things still the same. Also, wanted to know if crossing San Ysidro Border by foot is okay.
  5. Hello friends, Has anyone recently been to San Diego border for the i94 renewal? If yes, can someone please share your experience.? Thank you so much in advance.
  6. Sai_raj9

    i94 renewal

    Hello friends, My i94 is getting expired on Jan 11,2016. I've a valid visa stamping until Sep 30,2016. I'm planning to go out of country through Mexico Border and enter in from there so that I can have my i94 updated. When I go for this, can I tell the CBP Officer that I'm here for the i94 renewal ? What all documents do we need to carry. Do we also need to take Client letter? Has anyone recently went for this? Any one who came through Texas -Mexico Border.. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi, Below are my Interview Details. I would have posted before only but waited for my passport. Any how here are the Details of my Interview. My interview was on Jan 24th at Vancouver VO: Hello Sir Me: Hello Sir Good Morning Vo: So did you come for your first time H1B stamping Me: No, This is my Extension Vo: Did you do your Masters Me: Yes Vo: Which University Me: xxxx university Vo: In which year did you graduate Me xxx year Vo: Who is your Employer Me : xxxx Vo: Since from how long have you been with this employer Me : xxx yrs Vo: Who is your End Client Me: xxx Vo: Tell me about your Client Me: Told him about my Client Vo: What is your Role at Client Place Me: Told him about my Role Vo: Your Wife is in US Me: Yes Vo: Is your wife on H1B or H4 Me: Told him about her status Vo: Give me your Driver license, Paystubs, Employer Offer Letter and Job Description, LCA and I129 Me: Gave him all the Documents Vo checked all my Documents and than said the golden words YOUR VISA IS APPROVED and gave me form for tracking it and also gave me booklet which contains about Employee guidance who are working in US I didn't get any email from Loomis saying that my passport is ready for pick up but,I have seen my Passport status change in Visa site booking account on 29th morning. Some Important points I got my H1B Extension approved on Jan 6th and I went for my Interview on Jan 24 but my I129 Petition Status didn't get updated to Post Decision Activity in USCIS site. I am not sure but due to gods grace I didn't get any PIMS not updated word from VO. May be mine was Extension so, that could be the reason behind it. One more thing guys if your passport is going to expire before your validity of H1B than at the port of entry they might update your I94 Validity till that date only. Unfortunately my passport was expiring on Sep 2014 so, they gave me a Validity till that date only and told me that I need to exit and Enter if I need the complete Validity on my I94. That's all I have with my Experience. All the Best Guys.
  8. Hi All, Are there any one who are in the same situation like me. I had my Visa Interview on January 24th at Vancouver and got my Visa Approved but till now I did not Receive my Way Bill number.
  9. Hi , Looking for Accommodation at Vancouver Canada please do let me know if you have any availability. Myid is ********gmaildotcom
  10. First day it shows as adminstrative processing .Next day it changes to Issued. One of my friend got visa approved from Vancouver and it was shown in the same way .Next day it changed to Issued....
  11. Sai_raj9

    which I797 receipt number to use

    Use your latest i797 number
  12. Sai_raj9

    DS 160 Form Doubts

    Hello, I've selected Canada Consulate Vancouver and filled my DS 160 Form .But, I didnt submit this DS 160 Form. Then I've used this application id to book my visa slot . But, when I was booking visa slot I didnt find dates in July , so I've booked visa slot in Ottawa using same application id. Later , I realized that I've created DS160 using Canada Vancouver option but booked the slot for Ottawa .Since , I've not submitted DS160 I've canceled my interview date then I've created new DS 160 form using ottawa consulate as option . Then I've used this new application id and booked interview . Will this have any impact on visa interview ?
  13. Hi, I am applying for my H1b extension and after applying it I want to go for Visa stamping but I have a question regarding my H1b stamping since my current visa expires on Sep 30 and after applying my extension It will start from Oct 1 but I want to apply my extension in the month of April itself and want to go for stamping in the month of May and I am not sure if I go for stamping will the VO give stamping for current visa only or will they give me as per my new extension date which starts from Oct 1 Please do let me know if anyone can help me with this Issue.
  14. Sai_raj9

    Successful Stamping @Ottawa, on Dec 11

    @bricky I couldn't reply you back immediately but i am back in U.S.
  15. Sai_raj9

    Interview on Dec 5th - Ottawa

    @Srinath349 Hi dude, Can you please tell me at the US BORDER did they attach new i94 to your passport ? I am not sure about that Can you please tell me