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  1. h1visaseeker

    Case sent back to USCIS

    As a follow up to the above post, I also have a couple of other questions : 1) Will all my documents be sent back to me through VFS? 2) I have not received any other letter other than 221g green form which says the petition is being returned to USCIS. Should i expect to receive one?
  2. h1visaseeker

    Case sent back to USCIS

    Hi, I got a 221g green with the following thing crossed out : The case is being sent back to USCIS for further review....... Following are my details : Visa category : H1B Interview date : Sep 12, 2011 221g? Yes, green Docs submitted date : Sep 29, 2011 Docs submitted again : Oct 21, 2011 Mail received : Oct 29, 2011 Does this mean my visa is rejected? i have read in the forum that people get the denial letter 2-3 months after the consulate has taken a decision. It would help to know so that i can look at other options as well. Could you please let me know if this is the standard process followed for denial/refusal? I have a couple of other questions as well..Please help if you are aware of the answers.. 1) If this is rejected, can i file for H4 without withdrawing this application? 2) While this is in process, if i find a new employer, can i file for another H1? Is this legally acceptable?
  3. h1visaseeker

    221 g chennai green - passport submission question

    Hi, I also have the same question. I have got a second 221g letter from consulate asking for the copy of petition document. In the first 221g, i was explicitly asked not to submit the passport and it was crossed out and i had to submit the other documents like LCA/I129/797. The second one that i received doesnt have anything explicitly striked out. Does this mean, i have to submit the passport now along with I129/797/LCA? Or i shouldnt read too much into it and just submit what i have been asked for? Has anyone got a second 221g letter like this? Thanks
  4. h1visaseeker


    Hi Folks, I got another 221g green form asking to submit the below doc A copy of the petition with all the supporting documents as filed to USCIS. The officer had specifically written "Letter as sent to USCIS". I thought that i had submitted the letter, I797, I129 and LCA. What exactly is the letter that the consulate is looking for? I am confused now. Can someone help me understand what should we submit for the above? Thanks
  5. h1visaseeker


    Hi, Following are my details Interview Date : Sep 12, 2011 Visa denied with 221g green form, was asked to submit most of employer related documents, paystubs for 2011 and bank statement. Docs Submitted : Sep 29, 2011 Email received : None Engagement Model : EVVC I called up the consulate today and was told that they have sent me another 221g form through VFS already. I called up VFS to check if they have couriered it to me. But it looks like they have no info about it and told that i will get a mail directly from consulate. VFS and DOS say that my case is under mandatory administrative processing. I dont seem to understand what is really going on. Is anyone else in the same state as i am in now? @srini_221G@Aug26 - When you said you received the courier the day when the consulate posted it, did you actually see the letter dated the same day? I am in Tamilnadu though not in chennai. Not sure how long i need to wait to get the letter
  6. h1visaseeker


    @Srini_221G@Aug26 - Congrats...Just a quick question..Did you get an email as well as a courier from the consulate or just the courier with all the documents? When i called up VFS, they say that i will get a call/email from the consulate when they are done processing my case. @pranavi2008 - When you say you contacted the chennai consulate, did you call them up? When can we start calling them/DOS? I submitted my docs on Sep 29, 2011. So far, it has been only 9 working days at the consulate.
  7. h1visaseeker


    Hi, I attended the interview in chennai consulate on Sep 12 and was issued the 221g green to submit all the employer related documents and contract with the vendor and client. I work in an E-V-V-C model. I have submitted my documents on Sep 29. Based on what i see in most of the posts here, it looks like it might take more than a month and the EVVC cases have almost no hope. While i had been to the consulate to submit the docs, i checked with person incharge on the turnaround time and he said that because 221g green request is only for additional documents verification, i can hear something in 2 weeks which is next week. But he also said if the case goes into AP, it will get delayed further. Are there any specific reasons why a case is put in AP? I really hope my case doesnt go into AP. My client would not want to wait forever and i will end up losing my job