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  1. gjayaram

    I-693 RFE for my I-485

    Thanks for your responses folks. I received the RFE via my attorney with whom my earlier company filed my I-485. I did not know the option of consular processing when i first filed and later when i came to know i couldn't do that as the company that i filed did not want to reinitiate another process for the same. The current RFE is only about I-693 and maybe they might have asked about the job details as a next step if i had responded is my guess. I did read through the RFE and it did mention only about updating my I-693. Unfortunately I'm working for a different company in India than the one that filed my I-485. Based on your responses looks like i may have to forego this long wait :( Once again thanks for your responses to my query.
  2. gjayaram

    I-693 RFE for my I-485

    Hello Folks, I had to move back to India due to a family need and now working in Chennai India. Only now after long years i have received I-693 update request for my pending I-485 filing. Given that im back in India & working here, do i have an option to respond back to the RFE from here at all? Can i engage any lawyer on my behalf to do this? What are my options here?
  3. gjayaram

    EAD renewal with Advance Parole

    My advance parole is now expired and my EAD expires only on Aug end. I'm planning to apply for both EAD and Advance Parole together as i'm planning to travel to India in June. Can i apply for EAD and Advance Parole now or should i wait till my EAD is less than 120 days before expiry? What are my chances that i will get approved for both and will still be able to travel to India in June? Thanks for your help.