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  1. Hello, My wife was in US on F-1 visa. She went to Canada for H4 visa stamping but the consulate put her H4 under administration processing with no further documents needed. They returned her passport after the interview. Can she re-enter the US on F-1 visa instead of waiting for days/weeks in Canada for the administration processing to complete?
  2. You should take advice from your attorney but below is what i think You do not need to go for visa stamping if your current visa is still valid. New LCA amendment does not require new visa stamping but is is advisable that you do not leave the country if your H1B amendment is still in progress. You can ask your employer to file premium processing now so that your amendment is approved before you leave the country
  3. small

    H1B Visa in Toronto, Cananda

    I have my interview at Toronto on Oct 31. Does anyone have interview on the same day?
  4. small

    Successful Visa Stamping - Ottawa

    Thanks @aboppana
  5. small

    Successful Visa Stamping - Ottawa

    Thanks @wenger.swiss. I will go one day in advance and get the Canadian visa personally. Anyone has an appointment on Nov1 @Ottawa
  6. small

    Successful Visa Stamping - Ottawa

    wenger.swiss My appointment is Ottawa consulate is scheduled on 11/1. I do not have Canada visa yet. I have all the documents ready to send out the application but confused on what to do. Do you recommend applying by mail or going in-person for Canada visa?