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  1. sshahab2008

    I-140 from employer

    and is the A-number same once I-140 is approved, as this is my second employer and he files GC based on the previous employer i-140? but now he is not sharing I-140 :-(
  2. sshahab2008

    I-140 from employer

    finally employer share the I-140 receipt and said I-140 is a company document for future employment!!! is receipt number enough to move to different employer and retain the same PD ( it is 11/6/2012)?
  3. sshahab2008

    I-140 from employer

    Hi my employer not responding to my request of giving my I-140 approval, what are my options? Please advise.
  4. sshahab2008


    Is this legal for employer not to share I-140 approval notice and approved I-140 with employee? My employer not sharing I-140 to me. They gave me receipt number through that i come to know that it is approved. please advise.
  5. sshahab2008

    unpaid due from employer

    Hi, I used to work for a desi company for 6 years, they use to cut certain percentage from my pay and over the period of time they accumulate my money( equivalent to 3 months pay) and they said, they will pay when i leave them or may be goes on bench. now i left them and still not paying, what are my options? Is this possible i can report to labor dept or just forget 😞 i have email from my previous manager about the amount he hold, please advise.
  6. sshahab2008

    Visitor visa re-entry

    my parents-in-laws get B2/B2 visa stamped on their passport 10 years(it is valid till 2024) and they visited USA in 2015 for 4.5 months. Now I have changed my employer and now they want to visit again. 1. Do I need to send latest "documents of support" and my employment document again? 2. Do they have to go to consulate for visa stamping? if none of the above needed,then can they travel on prior stamped visa? what document they should carry other than passport/return ticket/insurance? Please advise, Thanks
  7. sshahab2008

    I-140 revoke - beyond 6 years

    Hi, my PD is May 2012. and I want to change my employer, however new employer will file GC after i'm on his payroll, which might take time to come to I-140 stage to port the PD and I'm beyond 6 years extension. Can my new employer still retain PD ( of may 2012)? Please advise.
  8. sshahab2008

    Employer in bankruptcy

    I was working for a company which file bankruptcy ( chapter 11) in 2014 and i never know this until on Jan 7 i got an email from some lawyer saying that he is trustee of that company and i was over paid by company before filing bankruptcy and now he want it back. Whereas i was paid regular payment based on my working hours for my employer's client. However my pay was 2 months behind( employer paying me after getting money from client) and now that trustee sent me a summon order to explain it in court or pay the money. What are my options. Please advise.
  9. sshahab2008

    Employer in bankruptcy

    Hi, employer in bankruptcy and GC is in process with priority date as March 2012, what option i have , if employer goes in bankruptcy, please advise. Regards
  10. sshahab2008

    Proxy job Interview

    If someone get a job by using proxy for interview and after join , vendor(employer->vendor-->Client) comes to know about it. what legal action a vendor/USCIS can take against employee or employer?
  11. HI, I have only one name in passport, when i came to US, embassy in India has rules, like add FNU as first name if only one name and i got visa stamped with FNU as first name. While in USA, when my company applied for H1B extesnion it came as LNU ( as last name) and after then when my employer started GC, they started with LNU. Now at some places it is still FNU ( TAx, Credit cards etc which i get before H1B Extension), my another H1B extension coming soon. Is this something should be fixed or let it be whatever it is now? Please guide.
  12. Do affidavit has to be on stamp paper( as we do in India) or statement of truth on plain paper and notary signature and stamp? I'm in US and my parents are also in US, if I can get affidavit of birth from my parents and get it notarized while they are still in US? Please suggest if this is okay to have affadavit on plain paper and get it notarized in USA while parentrs are still in US? Thanks & Regards
  13. Do affidavit has to be on stamp paper or statement of truth on plain paper and notary signature and stamp? I'm in US and my parents are also in US, if I can get affidavit of birth from my parents and get it notarized while they are still in US? Please help.
  14. In addition to Affidavit, 1. I think “No availability of birth certificate” also needed. 2. May I get no Availability of birth certificate from US embassy here in USA? If that works? Please guide, I'm also in same situation?
  15. sshahab2008

    H4-EAD Apply online

    Hi, I'm on H1-B ( H1B extension approved based on I-140 beyond 6 years) Can i apply H4-EAD online for my spouse? Please guide. Thanks and regards