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  1. mf1

    Canada visitor visa photo size

    Canada visa has different size. But 2x2" works fine. I got visa with 2x2 and many others too.
  2. Yes, it's right approach. Many people have already done that. What more are you looking for? Who has to tell you that is right one?
  3. hmm... such a long interview. Good luck.
  4. mf1

    H1B Visa stamping for investor in USA

    You mean invested in stocks? No issues.
  5. No issues man. There are millions of posts on Vancouver interview experience from people all over US. Didn't you see that?
  6. mf1

    DS160 questions Urgent

    I used my employer name and address. No issues.
  7. mf1

    Visa Rejected - what options do I have?

    Yes, you can work (if you and your employer wish so). There may be tax implications in that country, for which you can talk to tax consultant.
  8. Supporting documentation is proof of what you stated about yourself, your past experience, and present employment: employment letter pay stubs and W2 company tax documents degree certificates past exp letters
  9. mf1

    Which I 797 to use for H4 stamping?

    Nope. Any case has to be either withdrawn by employer or revoked by USCIS.
  10. mf1

    Package submission for H1 and H4

    If you're attending separately, first one; else second option.
  11. mf1

    PIMS update required?

    Nope. For PIMS there is nothing to be done from your side.
  12. Nope, you can't do that. Don't forget that it's just amendment and not a new petition.
  13. If they find, they may ask some questions, else you're good.
  14. Why not? You can change to anywhere in Canada.
  15. Looks good. Don't see any issues. If possible, try Vancouver.
  16. mf1

    Canada Visa

    depends on consulate. Detroit gives on same day. check forum or consulate websites for others.
  17. mf1

    H1-B Stamping - Canada/Mexico or India

    As always, Canada is better option. id full-time, you may try in India also.
  18. I have a hotel room available to share. Vancouver downtown. Let me know if you need. Dates: 21st night - 24th
  19. I'm plalnning to come to Vancouver by 21st night. Anybody has accommodation available? Please email me. (id in profile)
  20. accommodation needed for 21st onward. Pls let me know.
  21. mf1

    H1B stamping in 6th year

    no issues. You can go to Canada.
  22. hello guys, need accommodation for 21st night onwards. Let me know if available
  23. mf1

    I'm at vancouver - Daysinn anyone?

    @Jay Are you sharing with anyone?