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    Events That Occur After an I-140 Approval

    Hi Can you please answer this? If we have I140 at employer A, and moved to another company B. Can A cancel the approved I140 in year 2012 ? What can we do if A can not provide I140 details/receipts number to port these dates to continue for B? Thank you very much
  2. Hi, Please answer my queries. Very Urgent. My I94 expired on sept 26 2010. Applied H1 extension in Sept 2010 . H1 denied on May 5 2011 after query. New H1 applied with different company on 2011 May 27. Approved and said status active after Stamping(counsulate) Employer Opened MTR on Denial and now already 4 months over but no response and another MTR opened on New H1 asking that i may not go for india. Already 2.5 months over but no response. What is my status? Can i work? May i need to go for India for stamping. If so what are the chances of getting approval. Employer is saying my status is legal as MTR is running but i can'not work. Please suggest what i need to do. Thank you very much for your response.