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  1. I think your friend is right, according to the new rules that were effective on 1/18/2017, with approved I-140 one can extend H1B status beyond 6 years even when you are not maintaining your H1B status at the time of the petition. Hope this helps.
  2. What's the date on the receipt?
  3. Attorney received my receipt notice yesterday with 3/22 date on it.
  4. Did you apply in premium processing or regular? My packaged delivered to Vermont PP center on 3/20, no checks cashed yet and no email receipt either.
  5. Hi Friends, Sorry i am not active last week in this forum. My wife attended H4 Interview on 30th September at HYD consulate and she got her stamped passport on Oct 5th and we collected on Oct,7th at VFS HAL, HYD. Note: At the end of the interview she was told " your H4 visa is approved and will get your passport in a week by courier". NO 221G issued in our case. All the best for all of you guys and i hope very soon the visa approval procedure will become faster.
  6. Hi, My wife attended for H4 visa interview on Sep,30th (Friday) at HYD Consulate. Her visa was approved. The VO told her that "Your H4 visa is approved and you will get your passport within a week by courier". We chose the HAL option for the passport delivery as blue dart doest not service to our zipcode. By end of Tuesday also still the passport is under processing at Embassy/Consulate. Typically it shoud be handover to VFS next working day right? Can anyone post your suggestion or experiences when can they handover my wife's passport to VFS. Thanks Kiran
  7. Hi Kalyan2985, Congratulations and definitely this is good news. I am also in same boat as you as my wife's F2 rejected twice. And she is going to attend interview at HYD Consulate on SEP,30th for H4 visa.. I have one question, how many paystubs are enough to show them and how many u sent? I have paystubs from Jan but there is inconsistency in the amount in between for 3 months. And my last 3 paystubs are consistent. Are these 3 latest paystubs are enough? Please reply me. Thanks Kiran