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  1. I'm currently working in the US on EAD/AP which I filed my I-485 back in 2012 when I was current - EB2 India PD Mar 2010. I've switched jobs a few times since and have left and entered the country frequently using my EAD/AP combo card. A couple of years ago I married a GC holder who will be attending her oath ceremony in a few weeks. Should I file a new I-485/I-130 to get a FB1 green card? Or should I just file I-130 and with a letter to change the existing I-485 to be family based and so current? I'm thinking a new I-485/I-130 is the way to go to avoid any confusion...
  2. My situation has slightly changed so let me restate it: I'm an Indian citizen and my EB-2 I-140 was approved over two years ago and my I-485 has been pending for over a year. I've used AC-21 to switch jobs with my EAD to a major bank. I plan on getting married to my girlfriend who was born in the Netherlands, is a dual Spanish/Dutch citizen and lives in Spain. Her previous G-1 visa has been canceled and she had to return to Europe. 1. Can she apply for consular processing while I keep my I-485 pending, and both of us get approved using cross-chargeability? Is there a certain sequence that needs to occur here? 2. If we both have to change to consular processing: (a) Can we use cross-chargeability ? (b) Would it need to be a consulate in India, Holland or Spain? © Will my EAD (expiring March 2015) remain valid and I can continue to work? Will I be able to renew it in case the consular processing date is after the expiration date? i.e. any potential gap in employment. (d) Is there a significant risk going this route? 3. If she comes to the US on a B-2 or F-1 visa and we get married 90+ days after her arrival, will we have any issue filing I-485 for her with cross chargeability? Thanks
  3. That's great, thanks. Regarding the cross-chargeability, given I've already filed my I-485, will I need to amend the application or file a new I-485?
  4. I have a somewhat complicated scenario. I'm an Indian citizen and my I-140 was approved over two years ago and my I-485 has been pending for over a year. I've used AC-21 to switch jobs with my EAD to a major bank. I plan on getting married to my girlfriend who is born in the Netherlands and is in the USA on a G-1 diplomat (dependent) visa. 1. Can she file her I-485 after we get married and get her EAD immediately? I'm hoping this isn't an issue given I've changed jobs. 2. Will we be able to use cross-chargeability so that both our I-485 applications fall under EB2-ROW instead of EB2-I, given her country of birth? Thanks
  5. Kartssa

    Lost Passport, H1B Visa and I-94 Card

    This recently happened to me a few months ago here in New York, where I live. I am an Indian citizen in my 7th year extension here based on an approved I-140 for FTE. Exact timeline of events: October 8th: Passport with visa stamp, original I-787 H1B approval and I-94 all lost simultaneously, returning home from the airport having traveled international. I didn't have a copy of the I-94 issued an hour earlier of course. October 12th: Realized passport and docs are missing October 13th: Went to Indian consulate and submitted all copies of documents I had along with the forms requesting a duplicate passport. For the I-94, I just showed a copy of an older I-94 I had but stamped through 2014. Got letter from Indian consulate that evening. October 14th: Took Indian consulate letter to police department to file a police report. The letter is a requirement for the report. After this I had to send snail mail to request the police report (NYPD) mailed back to me - painful process. October 25th: Received police report in mail. October 26th: Took police report to Indian consulate in NY. They asked if it was an emergency and I said yes. They made me fill out a form where I said why it was an emergency (I wrote have to travel for work...). Went for an interview the same day where the guy didn't seem to care why it was an emergency and just told me to pick up the passport the next day. October 27th: Picked up new duplicate passport from Indian consulate. Amazing turn around time from them. November 1st: Forms i-824 (duplicate i-797a) and I-102 (duplicate I-94) filed by my lawyers, together with police report, new passport copy and all other supporting docs. November 29th: Received duplicate I-797A in the mail. Very surprised by this, I had read online it could take up to a year. I've lived in the US over 10 years, having gone to college here before but don't think it was related to anything. USCIS in Vermont. The bottom of the I-797A had a duplicate I-94 even though I had read online it would not have this. November 30th: I checked with my lawyers who said I don't need to wait on the I-102 duplicate I-94 and can move forward with what I had. Book an appointment in Ottawa, Canada for my visa (re)stamp for the following week. December 5th: Fly to Ottawa December 6th morning: interview. I told them I'd lost my passport (visa had previously been issued at the same embassy). Very quick and easy process, 9am interview, back at the hotel by 1020am or so. December 8th: Pick up passport, go straight to the airport, no problem at immigration (they took the duplicate I-94 at the bottom of the I-797A) and back in NY and at work by 3pm. So as you can see, less than 2 months after losing the passport and literally everything else I had (including 2 prior passports and all original proof of my existence), I was back in business. Very thankful to everyone I know for being so supportive through the painful process. I'm hoping the above information can be useful to anyone else with the unfortunate luck I had. The one thing the lawyers told me is that at some point in the future, I will receive the duplicate I-94 for the I-102 filed. When this happens, I just have to return it along with my current I-94 whenever I next leave the country.
  6. Kartssa

    Successful Visa Renewal at Ottawa

    Indeed, DHL = Loomis Express now in Canada. Loomis website updated just past 10pm, usvisa updated at 11pm. Picked up my passport a few minutes after the DHL center opened (8am) and went straight to the airport where I'm waiting for my flight. They tore off the bottom I-94 attached to the I-797 (for someone who asked me that earlier). Good luck all, couldn't have been easier though just wish it was faster. 3 nights here is way more than I wanted.
  7. Kartssa

    Successful Visa Renewal at Ottawa

    Wishful thinking... still stuck here hitting refresh on the usvisa and loomis pages...
  8. Kartssa

    Successful Visa Renewal at Ottawa

    Last time I did this three years ago, yes. When I did this six years ago, no. So who knows, I don't think it matters so long as they give you a new I-94 at the airport valid till the expiration of your visa (or passport).
  9. Kartssa

    Successful Visa Renewal at Ottawa

    Interview lasted 2 minutes this morning in Ottawa. - Hands me my I-797A and says I can keep that. - How long have you been working at Company X? Over 6 years - What is your title? Gave him title - Are you an IT consultant? Told him no and that I live and work in NY at Company X. He said "ok, home based" - Can I see some recent paystubs? Handed three most recent ones In and out in around 30 minutes. Website isn't updated yet with Applicant Status or DHL Waybill Number... waiting on that, hope to have it by tonight (based on some other posts) so that I can fly back to NY this evening... the beer here is terrible. I'm a FT employee, this is my 7th year H1B extension based on approved I140, previously was a FT student in the US as well so have been studying or working there for over 10 years now.