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  1. If you have the visa stamp the H1 can be transferred.
  2. What you are trying to do is abuse of CPT. 1. If you have used OPT on a particular educational level you can not use CPT on the same educational level anymore. 2. No real university issues CPT from day 1. 3. Abuse of CPT will kill your future in the US.
  3. You should ask a tax professional, a CPA who is knowledgeable about international tax issues.
  4. A new employer can file an H1, but it would be for consular notification, not as EOS. You have to leave the country ASAP because your I-94 is expired, and once the new H1 is approved you can get a new H1 visa when that is allowed again.
  5. If you are outside the US you are by definition not on H1 nor any other status. You only have a status while in the US. You can work for a US employer from your home country (or other countries where you have a work permit), but you probably have to pay taxes in the country you are in.
  6. Hmm, you need to wait for the PD to be current to file an I-485. The PD for family category 4 is 12 years or so back.
  7. JoeF

    Passport expiring in 7 months

    You can travel with both passports. The visa in the old passport stays valid even if the passport expires earlier than the visa.
  8. You have to leave the country. You abused CPT. Signing up with another fraud institution would only make things worse. Applications at real universities take several months. And nothing "forced" you down that CPT abuse path. That's just a cheap excuse. Take responsibility for your action. Further, if you have used OPT and the fake university program was on the same educational level you weren't even allowed to use CPT.
  9. There is no "H1 suspension" rule. There is a ban on new H1 VISAs until the end of the year. That does not affect H1 petitions in the US. So, an H1 transfer (which is just a new, cap-exempt H1 petition) is definitely possible.
  10. Once the consulate reopens she would have to get a new immigrant visa.
  11. It applies to any H1 petition. COS or transfer doesn't matter. If you don't start working for the new employer within 60 days (e.g., because you continue with the old employer) the new employer either has to start paying you or revoke the H1.
  12. JoeF

    N-400 Corrections after submission

    At the interview the examiner goes over everything, you can correct things then.
  13. JoeF

    Validity of H1 from employer

    Companies are required BY LAW to inform USCIS when a person on H1 no longer works there. It has absolutely zero effect on you or on any new H1. You have a 60 day grace period (or until I-94 expiration, whichever is shorter) to get a new H1 filed.
  14. The previous employer was required by law to inform USCIS that you no longer work there. That has absolutely zero effect on you. Since your I-94 is valid you can file for another H1.