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  1. An I-539 is for change of status, e.g.to B2. You would have to do that yourself. If your H1 maxes out it can not be extended. Changing status to B2 would be the only option.
  2. What is your status? If you are working I assume not F1. CPT is part of the F1. Also, CPT is not for just arbitrarily working somewhere. It is ONLY for work as an integral part of the curriculum, e.g., for a required internship.
  3. Applying at a college takes several months. You can't just "switch to F1."
  4. JoeF

    Furlough in H1B

    The USCIS "help line" is not a legal resource. It is outsourced, and the people answering the phones have no legal education. Never rely on what they tell you. Discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer.
  5. That old EAD became invalid with your COS to H1. It can NOT be used anymore.
  6. JoeF

    Furlough in H1B

    On H1, tou have to get paid all the time. If the employer can't pay you they have to lay you off. That means you have a grace period of 60 days to find another job or get hired back by your employer. Both require a new H1 petition.
  7. JoeF


    Furlough means that you are laid off. On H1 there is no "temporarily not getting paid." It is either getting paid or being laid off. You have 60 days to find a new employer or get hired back by your current employer. In both cases, a new H1 petition is required.
  8. JoeF

    Can I be on leave without pay on H1B visa?

    It essentially means you are laid off. You have up to 60 days to be hired back or find another job.
  9. JoeF

    Business related question

    There are lots of business books out there.
  10. The H1 is the employer's petition. Only the employer can challenge a decision.
  11. JoeF

    I-140 revoke withdrawal request?

    They would have to start over from scratch.
  12. JoeF

    H1B reduced hours under Shared work program

    An LCA for the reduced work hours should be filed.
  13. JoeF

    Immigration Related Issues of COVID-19

    Because it is outside of your control there shouldn't be any issue.
  14. You need to check the employment contracts you signed.
  15. An H1 transfer *is* a new H1 petition. It is cap-exempt.