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  1. JoeF

    H-1 B visa doubts

    You can't apply for an H1. Only an employer can. So, you first need to find an employer willing to hire you in October ans willing to file an H1 for you in April.
  2. The interview will always be after the 5-year mark. You can apply 90 days early, but you can only get citizenship when the 5 years are fulfilled.
  3. Get a better lawyer. Interfiling is very simple and straightforward. Every decent immigration lawyer knows how to do this. Do interfiling (basically, amending) the I-485 with the new I-140 as the underlying immigrant petition.
  4. First, you can't file any H1. Only an employer can. Second, you have been counted for the quota, so it is not possible to file a new H1 in the quota unless you have been abroad for a year.
  5. JoeF

    OPT Application remotely during COVID

    For OPT you have to be in F1 status. When you are abroad you are by definition not in any status.
  6. JoeF

    Damages of Breach of Term Provision - H1B

    Liquidated damages can never be a fixed amount. It get lesser the longer you work there, because the employer makes money with your work. Simply calling something "liquidated damages" doesn't mean it is. Discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer.
  7. JoeF

    F1 visa cancellation

    USCIS has your whole file. They know about your previous unauthorized work.
  8. USCIS has a worksheet on their website.
  9. JoeF

    Multiple Payrolls on STEM OPT ?

    If the jobs with both employers are in the field of your study it is possible. But employment contracts usually prohibit side work without employer approval.
  10. JoeF

    Traveling on Day 1 CPT

    Pretty much all of day 1 CPT is fraudulent. An F1 is for studying, not for working in some arbitrary job. You need to go to a real university.
  11. JoeF

    US visa interview - Criminal charges

    First, you should drop this "false allegations" BS. You pled guilty, so you admitted the allegations are true. Accept responsibility for your actions. Domestic violence is absolutely never justified.
  12. If the H1 is approved as COS (Change of status) you are in H1 status from the approval date and you'd have to work for the H1 employer. While it is possible to study while on H1 that can only be on the side because you have to fulfill the H1 obligations, i.e., working for the employer.
  13. You have to wait until the dates are current. And next time you may want have a lawyer double-check the application.
  14. You still need to say yes, but you can explain that the fine was under $500 and did not involve arrest or alcohol.
  15. JoeF


    No change. If the person is not in the US the person is not even in F1 status. OPT is part of the F1.