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  1. suganthi001

    Visitor Visa for Parents

    It depends on when they are to visit? If they visit and return before your existing H1 B expires, then they have chance.Every thing depends on how they answer the interview. the most important factor is they should have strong ties with the home country which will necessarily make themto return within short duration etc. they should have near relatives like sons ,daughters etc and should have fixed assets like house property etc or in employment etc.. If they are not ging to visit immediately, it is better you wait for your H1b extension approval.This is my view only. Better to consultimmigration atorneys.
  2. There is no column inAR11 form for entering email id . so how can I expect email?
  3. 1. green card relieves you the botheration of getting visa renewals etc. It is a permanent legal status of residency. After 5 yrs , you can apply for citizenship also; then yu will have voting rights .However you have to forego your citizen ship of the country from where you had intially migrated. You can invest/purchase property if you are in H1B also.This is my view.
  4. As a legal permanent resident my husband gave change of address on his going to Newyork on an employmentfrom Kentucky He made on line change of address . Even though he got thanks etc.. he did not get any AR11 confirmation#. Again after 45 days or so he could not continue in the job and returned to Kentucky. so again he gave change of address on line in the USICS website as before .Again he has not got any AR11 confirmation#. He has not taken the printout on boththe above occasions. Now for reprint the website is asking for AR11 confirmation # which was not available. what is to be done ?