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  1. If they look at the passport BIO page Vs the Birth Certificate which will have the discrepancy...and my attorney is planning on sending a letter to USCIS to let them know that the passport place of birth is a mistake and we are in the process of getting it corrected. In the mean time..my wife's parents are sending us the affidavits confirming her place of birth as Iran. So, is it fine to go ahead and do the medicals and send them one shot? Thanks for all your help. Please advise. Thanks, Srujanks
  2. Hi All, My attorney while filing 140 and 485 concurrently suggested that not to have medicals done while sending the 485 application saying due to passport error in country of birth if they don't accept my 485 application my medicals will go waste which means I will be lossing some amount of money for me and my spouse...my question is should I wait for the 485 application to get accepted and then send the medicals later on or should I go ahead and do the medicals and send them in one shot? As Belle has said I have a good chance of getting considered for chargeblity? Actually, its my wife passport which has this mistake...I'm the primary and Indian born...but my wife is in born in Iran and has a valid birth certificate. Please advise. Thanks, Srujanks
  3. Hi All, Anybody submitted 485 application to USCIS with different place of birth in the passport vs actual Birth Certificate? If I sumbit without correcting will there be an issue? I'm trying to use cross chargeblity from Iran, thats where I was born and have a valid Birth Certificate. Please help. Thanks, Srujanks
  4. srujanks

    Applying for 140 and 485 Concurrently

    For now after everyone's inputs, I have come to conculsion that I will go ahead and submit my 140 and 485 with exisiting passport and valid BC from Iran and keep my fingers crossed. If I get any RFE hopefully not but happens will take it from there..Thanks folks for all your inputs. Srujanks
  5. srujanks

    Applying for 140 and 485 Concurrently

    Hi, Thanks for replying back. So, were you in similar situation like me as having different place of birth in the passport and having valid BC? Did you apply to USCIS without correcting the passport and were there any RFE's? Also please let me know if you were granted GC? Thanks for your time in advance. Srujanks
  6. Hi All, I'm an Iranian born and have an indian passport as my parents moved to india when I was 5 but I do have the birth certificate from Iran with my parents work authorization etc...I have one small issue, in my passport I have my place of birth as my mother's home town. Will this really matter while applying for 140 and 485 as I'm trying to claim cross chargeblity of Iran for my GC. Is it possible at all to correct the indian passport with right place of birth? Can I submit my 140 and 485 without getting it corrected are the questions that come into my mind. Please let me know if this is possible or someone who has been in my shoes and had success at USCIS. Thanks for your time in advance. Srujanks