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  1. gdesikan

    H4 stamping in canada for Indian citizen

    @venkat557 Getting stamped in canada is not that easy as the appointment availability is after months when i tried. moreover, there seems to be lot of rejects, in which case traveling to india would be unavoidable. so, to be safe, i travelled to india and got my h4 stamped. it took 2 days to get my passport back (chennai embassy). now, i have again filed with approved H4. hope this helps.
  2. gdesikan

    H-4 EADs

    Hi, I applied for L1 to H4 CoS in June, along with EAD. I travelled to india in July and hence got my H4 stamped. Now, should i let USCIS know that i have H4 stamped to expedite my EAD application? Or, do they get informed automatically about my visa? If I have to inform USCIS about the H4 visa, then, should i reapply or go for an amendment in the previous application for EAD? Thanks in Advance.
  3. gdesikan

    H4 stamping in canada for Indian citizen

    there are cases of h1 and h1&h4 together cases for stamping in canada. nothing for h4 standalonr
  4. gdesikan

    H4 -Stamping -221g @ Toronto

    Hello, can you please let me know how many days did it take for the embassy to get your passport back? Cheers Geetha
  5. Hello, My L1B is expirin soon. So, I m thinking of opting for H4-EAD, which i m eligible for. To expedite my EAD, i m planning to travel to Canada to get my H4 stamped. Any experiences on H4 visa stamping in Canda for Indian Citizen? This is the first time stamping for me in Canada and my spouce will not be travelling with me. Thanks and Regrads, GDesikan