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    HOw long does it takes for the passport to arrive? I bet you choose loomis branch in ottawa right?
  2. raogaru

    H-4 EADs

    If any one know more about this "Even if I-140 approved with previous employer not with current employer is it enough?" please let me know . From my understanding from the DHS document i think its eligible but correct me if i am wrong.
  3. So you mean there is no need to wait for new 140 PD Approval from my new employer to get extension in 2016? I can still use old one if it does't revoke from previous employer?
  4. Thanks for reply ashuneel, so what if my perm is still in pending on Jan 2016 or some thing around that time? can i still extend my H1B in DEC 2016 using old I-140? Because they would port PD once i get PERM approval.
  5. Hi, > I am on H1b Visa (completed 7 years) and i got extension for 3 years on h1b with old I-140 approval after 6th year. > Then i changed the company and they would processing the perm application in next couple months. I know the perm would take appx 9months to 1 year. > Am i eligible to port the I-140 even though i am under 365 days, my H1b would expire in DEC 2016. My question was do i still need to be under 365 day limit to submit for I-140? Thanks, Rao.