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  1. gobusa

    My journey with arrest record.

    Hi, Did you travel with US passpoer after naturalized, were you sent for secondary inspection with US passport?
  2. gobusa

    My journey with arrest record.

    Hi, Did you travel with US passpoer after naturalized, were you sent for secondary inspection with US passport?
  3. gobusa

    Lost daughter's green card

    Hi, Did you apply US passport and got the same for your daughter? Did DOS ask your daughter's green card when passport application status showed as "pending". Would you please let me know. Here is my experience when applied passport for my son (he is minor). My wife and I were naturalized a few months ago. I have 13 yrs old son, born in India. When we applied passport for me, my wife and my son thru USPS post office in-person, we gave our naturalization certifcate and my son's original birth certificate. After a week, my wife and myself got a passport and after a week we got back our original naturalization certificate. Then again a week later, we received a letter from DOS (Department of State) addresed to my son stated as below "Thank you for your recent passport application. If you have already obtained a Certificate of Citizenship issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), please submit this document to our office. If a Certificate of Citizenship has not been obtained, please submit the following: Evidence of lawful admission prior to your 18th birthday in the form of your Permanent Residence Card/ Green Card, foreign passport with original I-551 visa entry stamp, or documentation from the USCIS verifying your legal entry. To assist with processing your application, we must receive the requested information within ninety (90) days of the date shown on this letter. If the information is not received or is insufficient to establish your entitlement to a U.S. passport, your application may be denied and your citizenship evidence will be returned. By law, the passport execution and application fees are non-refundable." Then i called DOS and asked about the letter, i was asked to send my son's original green card and i was said that will not be returned. Then I sent original green card to the DOS address mentioned in the letter. After a week, i received my son's passport. Then after two weeks, i received my son's original birth certificate and letter. This letter says that I need to send my son's original green card to USCIS, so that USCIS can update my son's citizenship status to USCIS system. As I already sent my son's green card to DOS, I wrote a letter to USCIS stated that I already returned green card to DOS for processing his passport and attached my son's passport copy. Is this common? or should i ask DOS to send back my son's invalid greencard (since he became USC, green card is not valid) to send back USCIS? Your timely answer is really appreciated and thank you in advance.
  4. gobusa

    DUI & Secondary inspection at POE

    Will i be fingerprinted at POE with US passport?
  5. I was arrested for DUI on 2007 and got my green card on 2012. When I traveled outside country and entered to USA with my prior green card, every time I was referred to secondary inspection after immediate my fingerprint was taken by CBP officer at USA airport POE. I became US citize now thru naturalization and I have US passport as my travel document. Now my question is - If I travel outside of USA and enter to USA with my US passport, Will i be fingerprinted and be sent to secondary inspection due to my 10 year old DUI record though I am US citizen? Would you please let me know?