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  1. casablanca2010

    Change in role

    I have an approved I-140 and also my I-485 is pending for more than 180 days. I am looking for a role change within the same company (individual contributor to people manager i.e senior product manager to a director product management). Also I am waiting for my EAD/AP. Do we need to restart the PERM process again? Please advise. Thanks.
  2. casablanca2010

    Travel during pending EAD & AP cards

    Hi- I completed my biometrics on 3/15/21 and am waiting for my EAD & AP. Just had a question on travel outside of US when EAD & AP is not yet received. I have a approved H1B petition and valid visa on the passport. What happens in this case? Thanks for your response in advance.
  3. casablanca2010

    H1B transfer question

    Hi- My I-140 has been approved and my employer is about to file my H1B extension under regular processing which expires in Jan'2019. In the meantime, I am looking to change. So the question is 1) While my H1B extension is still under process with my current employer, can I in parallel get my H1B transferred to my new employer? 2) When does my new employer need to initiate my green card processing, so as to retain my priority date? Thanks for your response. Any other legal aspects, that I should consider.
  4. casablanca2010

    Parent's visitor visa rejected twice

    Hi, We had applied for my wife's parents twice from Mumbai Consulate (they are from Ahmedabad) and got rejected. Both times, they got a blue slip saying "No sufficient economical, financial or social ties demonstrated". More details as below: First time (2012)- I was on H1 and my wife was on H4. I was the sponsoror and had sent in all my documents and invitation letters etc. The cover letter to the consulate was the standard one taken from templates available on one of the immigration forums. Second time (2013)- Both my wife and I were on H1B, but since my wife had recently got employed then, I was the sponsoror and had sent the usual sponsor documents as well as my wife's h1b related documents as well. Result- rejected. My father-in-law has a business of his own, mother-in-law is a homemaker. My wife's only sibling (brother) is out of India too. They had visited him last year i.e 2013 for a month or so. After that they went to Mumbai consulate for interview and got rejected. The problem we see here is that the officer never asked them for any documents like house papers, business related. Just asked them few basic questions- purpose of your visit, what does your daughter do, where does your son live etc. Is there a way we can highlight this in a cover letter or in some other way so that they get more chance to show their financial documents to the officer? Generally DS-160 form has questions pertaining to income etc about the applicant. Is there a specific range here related to this which makes the officer decide to reject the visa whatsoever? Appreciate any information and advice on this. Thanks!
  5. casablanca2010

    EB3 to EB2 Upgrade question

    Hi everyone, My I-140 was approved in Feb 2012 under EB3. I now did an education evaluation and can upgrade to EB2. However wanted to get your feedback 1) I am a Chartered Accountant from India. Also have a 3 year Bachelor of Commerce degree. I also completed my Company Secretaryship from Institute of Company Secretaries of India. 2) Prior to joining this company 3 years back I had 8 years of experience. My lawyer told me in 2012 that I do not have a 4 year degree from a single source hence will not be eligible for EB2. Now after I have gotten my education evaluation redone it states that I have a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from an accredited college or university in the US based on the single source of the Final examination program completed. It also mentions EDGE and AACRAO in my evaluation. My questions now are 1) Should I go ahead and file for EB3 to EB2 upgrade? What are my chances of approval? 2) Also, per my lawyer if the know that if the priority date becomes current for EB3 when I have filed for upgrade I will not be eligible for EAD? What are the chances for EB3 to become current? Based on your experience what would you recommend. I really would appreciate your advise here. Kind Regards,
  6. My in laws reside in Ahmedabad and would apply for a tourist visa in Mumbai consulate.Under the new process (where fingerprinting and interview) are separate how to submit the following additional documents 1. Property Papers 2. India Income Tax returns 3. Cover Letter showing there intent to return to India 4. Other documents (bank statements etc) Please let me know as I would like them to submit these documents to the consulate which gives them enough evidence of there strong ties to India. Regards,
  7. casablanca2010

    Visitor Visa Sponsorship question

    We are planning to get my parents-in-law to visit us. My wife recently got a H1B and she does not have enough paystubs. So in this case if I decide to sponsor is there a problem or is it my wife is the only person who can sponsor? We will submit my wife's H1B in the sponsor docs. Appreciate any feedback Thanks!
  8. casablanca2010

    H1B Reinstating

    I got my H1B approved in Oct 2009 with an expiration in Oct 2012. Due to personal reasons I converted to H4 in Dec 2009 and have not worked since then. Also my employer via which I got my H1B approval canceled my H1B in Jun 2010 since he did not want to hold my H1B and I was already in H4. My question is if there is any employer now who is ready to hire me after Oct 2012 Will I be subject to quota and have to wait till Oct 2013 to start working? I know the employer will need to file a new H1B but that is not my concern.
  9. casablanca2010

    H1B Query

    I got my H1B approved in October 2009. However I converted my H1B to H4 in December 2009. Thereafter my employer canceled the H1B and since then I am on H4 tied to my husband's H1B. I checked with my past employer with whom I got H1B and he said even though my H1B was canceled I would still be able to revive immediately, not fall under any quota and start working. Can anyone please provide feedback. Thanks
  10. casablanca2010

    H1-H4-H1 Conversion Questions

    I got my H1B approved in October 2009. However I converted the same to H4 in December 2009. I have been on H4 since then and the expiry of the H4 is now tied to my husband's H1. Now I am looking for a job and would reconvert back to H1B. Lets say I reconvert in Aug 2011. In this case can I a) Start working immediately or will I be subject to quota? b) How many years would be left on my H1B considering that I was on H1B only for three months? Please provide your valuable feedback. Thanks