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  1. We have GC and are planning to apply for citizenship for my wife only. Once she is a citizen, if we have a child in India, will the child automatically get US citizenship under section 301g? Note that she has been in the US for more than 5 years which satisfies the physical presence requirement. Thanks
  2. Download the I-485 Instructions pdf from USCIS. http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-485instr.pdf This is a good starting point.
  3. Houston is one of the slowest to issue new passports. They have a TONNE of backlog and are understaffed. I had sent my passport for renewal through fedex. They did not take any action for about a month. They won't answer phone calls after being on hold for 30+ mins. I had to travel out of the country so I finally went to Houston and saw a HUGE number of passport applications lying around. I hope you get an idea as to how they operate. If you need your passport urgently, then you should go there and submit a letter as to why you want it urgently. They will do it right away.
  4. Visa might have her father's name under the "Given Name" section. Will a mismatch over there cause any issues? I don't know.
  5. I don't know how they got it corrected. Her uncle got it done and I do not think it was a big deal. He got it done in just a few days (may be less than a week).
  6. 1. We got our EAD/AP after 3 months of applying.
  7. My spouse had her mother's name misspelled either in BC or passport. Since, getting a new BC was easier than getting a new passport, we got a new BC with the name matching the passport. Our 485 is pending since 4.5 months, no RFE yet ! Good luck!
  8. rickie

    I140 filed in Jan 2011.

    Did not hear from Lawyer yet! I checked the status online on Aug 4th and it said that we have sent notice of approval on Aug 2nd. So may be the notice is in the mail on the way to the lawyer. Good luck !
  9. rickie

    I140 filed in Jan 2011.

    I filed I-140 on 21st Jan 2011. Approved on Aug 2nd 2011. Good luck to all !
  10. Your company can file H1-B renewal in Premium Processing so that you don't have to sit a long time without working. We got our finger-printing appointment approximately 1 month after filing 485/EAD/AP. Also, got EAD/AP in exactly 3 months after filing. Of course, we filed at Texas Service Center.
  11. rickie

    ***URGENT** OPT and F1 Visa status terminated

    If I were you, I would go talk to her to straighten things out.
  12. rickie

    Please Help - Stock Trading on EAD

    Unfortunately I do not have a direct answer for your question. However, even if you husband is on H1, he can invest in stocks. I am on H1B and I do that. And I know a tonne of people who do that. So, if you are thinking that H1B folks cannot invest, then you do not have to worry. H1B people can invest. Now, in particular if you are looking to be a day trader, then I am not 100% if H1B holders can do that. Also, to be flagged as a day trader, you need to execute 3 day trades (buy and sell on the same day) in a 5 business day period. Once you are flagged as a day trader, then there is no going back. Sorry for digressing, but I hope some of it is useful.
  13. rickie

    Please Help - Stock Trading on EAD

    May be I am going off on a tangent. But you could trade from your husband's account. That should be fine. So essentially the account will be in your husband's name, but you could be calling the shots.
  14. Thanks everyone !