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  1. Hi, I have EB3 I-140 approved from company A. I moved to company B and EB2 I-140 approved. Now if EB3 dates become current, can I file I-485 for EB3 from company A(and supplement J form) and join company A once EAD comes? I assume the I-140 from company A is still valid, since company A didn’t revoke it. Thanks, Srini
  2. Hi, Last time I went for stamping in India was in 2011 as FTE. In 2012, I changed the company and now in EC model(employer and client, no vendors in the middle). I have been with same client since then. Is it advisable to travel to India to get the stamping(it is NOT an emergency, but I have some projects which require the travel outside of US). I hear now a days everyone is getting 221G. Please advise. Thanks
  3. nivas2010

    H4 stamping trends in Hyderabad?

    Could anyone share their experience if they recently attended H4 visa interview.
  4. Hi, I would like to know the current trends for H4 visa stamping in Hyderabd, India. Principal applicant is on H1B with Vendor to client relationship(no layers). Are the visa being issued smoothly for H4 cases, or do we need to be cautious before going for stamping. Please advise. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Jai. But we are not sure if the approval comes before Aug 2015. my question is, do we need to apply for H4 extension if H1 approval does not come by the time H4 expires? Please advise.
  6. Hi, my wife's current active status is H4. Her H1 is pending(applied in April 2015) and her H4 is going to be expired in Aug 2015. The attorney says, i need not to apply for H4 extension, because H4 will be valid as long as my H1 is valid. But my H1 was recently extended till 2018, but H4 was not. Please let me know if i need to apply for H4 extension before Aug 2015 or just wait for H1 to be approved even beyond Aug 2015. Thanks, Nivas.
  7. Hi, Here is the situation of my friend: Please help. He has have approved I-140 from company A on EB3. He moved to company B and they applied for PERM and it got audited and denied(even after replied for the query), they applied 2nd time and it got audited again and pending. In this scenario, if he leave the company B, and if PERM is approved, can they(company B) file I-140 even if he already left the company? Does one need to be in the company to file for I-140? if they can't file I-140, what happens to the approved PERM and how it can be used? Please clarify
  8. nivas2010

    H4 Extension pending, while H1 applied

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I wanted to know if the action proposed by H4 attorney is right solution or not? Thanks, Srini.
  9. Hi, My wife is on H4 status and it’s expired in June 2014 and we applied for its extension in May 2014 based on my H1B which is valid till June 2015, we have received receipt also. In April 2014, an employers sponsored her H1B for 2014 -2015 quota and it got picked up in lottery and but received RFE. RFE was to find out if H4 is valid till Oct 1st 2014,if not valid they would give H1 without I-94, which needs her to exit US and get stamping based H1B(instead of COS) employer is yet to respond to this. Yesterday we received an RFE for H4, saying ” you have pending H1(I-129) application, and which one you want to pursue H1(I-129) or H4(I-539).” We have been given time till Sep 7th 2014 to respond. Note: my attorney for H4 extension said, he would reply to H4 RFE that, “ we need H4 extension till Sep 30th 2014 and H1B will be effective from Oct 1st 2014” and if we don’t receive any H1 approvals by last week of Sep 2014, we would again apply for H4 extension based on the previously applied H4 extension receipt. In this case, what is the best option for her to stay in status irrespective of H1B approved or not. Please help.
  10. nivas2010

    Can one use(by amending) expired/never used H1B

    Your reply was not clear enough, did you mean the old H1B is of no use and try to get an entirely new H1B (without using the cab number of old H1B). Please clarify.
  11. Hi, One of my friends got a H1B approved in 2008 , and because of various reasons he could not attend visa, so could not come to US. Last year the H1B was expired. It was valid for 3 years. Now it is possible to amend(or use cap number) the that(Expired) H1B and come to US after attending visa. Please clarify. Thanks, S.
  12. Hi, My current H1B is valid till June 2014. And my wife’s H4 (i-539) is also valid till June 2014. Now my H1B is going to be transferred to different company. At the time of my H1 transfer, do we need to get her H4(even though it is valid till June 2014) also transferred? Thanks, Srini.
  13. nivas2010

    H-4 visa holders - are they allowed to work?

    For people who have pending I-485, would also have EAD(after 180 of applying), there is no need of this regulation, right.
  14. Hi JoeF, I agree with you that it may not happen, the only thing I wanted to understand was the clarity on FIFO, how the EB categories work(as mentioned in my first post) with this bill.
  15. Hi All, I learnt that the H.R 3012 bill is pending for review by House/senate. if(only if) this comes into law, there won't be cap on the country and FIFO(first come first serve). My question is, there is no clarity on FIFO, in this case, will there be difference in EB categories or not. will they treat EB2 and EB3 as same? for example: EB3 India PD is currently Aug 2002 and EB2 India PD is Mar 2008. now if this comes into law, will the EB3 people start getting the visas, before EB2.i or the priorities remain same for EB categories. Thanks, Nivas.