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  1. veni001

    Parents GC Filed, can they travel??

    They are AOS pending, don't worry about i-94, and only travel in/out of US within validity period of Advance Parole.
  2. veni001

    H-4 visa application

    I don't expect ant issue but i would recommend to apply as soon as his travel plans are confirmed, otherwise there is no point.
  3. Best option would be, talk to an immigration attorney first. Good luck!
  4. veni001

    Oath Ceremony letter docs

    Assuming you received GC based on one of the Employment Based categories, you only need to carry Form N-445 and Original Permanent Resident Card ("Green Card")
  5. What is the start date on H1B? if it has already started, your F1 VISA/Status is no longer valid and can not be use to enter the USA.
  6. You should be able to recapture any days out side the US during your 6year H1B period and request for an extension for both H1B and H4. If that is not an option, you should send her to home country now instead of waiting until May to avoid unauthorized stay and 3/10 year ban to re enter the country.
  7. Why rush, settle things first and apply after 3 months.
  8. veni001

    Biometrics scheduling question

    Normally bio-metrics notices are issue in 2-3 weeks from the receipt date. You can request to reschedule your appointment or you can try walk-in to application support center with appointment letter and request to complete in advance, it is not guaranteed but some supports center accept on a case by case basis.
  9. veni001

    3 months residency requirement for N 400

    You better consult immigration attorney rather than relying on forum responses.
  10. veni001

    B2 visa for my elder sister

    She need to prove strong ties to home country!
  11. Absolutely you should!
  12. veni001

    Entry Visa for visit to India

    Submit copy of expired Visa along with proof of valid status i.e Form I-20 and valid arrival/departure record (I-94)
  13. veni001

    Filing N 400

    USCIS will forward your N400 to nearest USCIS field office, most likely in the state you reside, to schedule interview only upon receipt of FBI background clearance at their national service center.
  14. veni001

    Visitor Visa for my wife

    Simple answer is "NO", she need to wait until your H1 is approved and apply for H4, unless she can apply for her own H1 or F1
  15. Yes, if you get a regular Indian tourist Visa (not e-Visa) you can stay up to 6 months on each visit.