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  1. veni001

    B2 visa for my elder sister

    She need to prove strong ties to home country!
  2. veni001

    Entry Visa for visit to India

    Submit copy of expired Visa along with proof of valid status i.e Form I-20 and valid arrival/departure record (I-94)
  3. veni001

    Filing N 400

    USCIS will forward your N400 to nearest USCIS field office, most likely in the state you reside, to schedule interview only upon receipt of FBI background clearance at their national service center.
  4. veni001

    Visitor Visa for my wife

    Simple answer is "NO", she need to wait until your H1 is approved and apply for H4, unless she can apply for her own H1 or F1
  5. Yes, if you get a regular Indian tourist Visa (not e-Visa) you can stay up to 6 months on each visit.
  6. veni001

    PERM Audit

    You should to stay out of it and let your employer and attorney representing your employer handle it.
  7. veni001

    I-94 expired 9 months ago visa valid

    Just contact a good immigration attorney as suggested by JoeF, don't waste your time on these forums.
  8. veni001

    OPT Denial

    Your best option is to leave the country ASAP
  9. Sorry to hear about your father situation, I would strongly recommend get your oath ceremony done and apply for your passport and request for expedite service, you should get your passport with in a week, if you have to travel within that week call DOS passport help line (24x7)and they will overnight it to you. Once you receive your US passport you can apply for Indian e-visa (normally takes 48 hrs), if you have time, or else you can get visa on arrival in India. Good luck!
  10. http://forum.murthy.com/topic/113890-n-400-processing-delays-my-case-experience/
  11. veni001

    N400 scheduling an interview - Fresno, CA

  12. veni001

    N-470 eligibility

    Not necessarily.
  13. veni001

    H1b visa stamping in Canada

    Answer to both questions is "No"
  14. veni001

    Renunciation with OCI or Visa

    You can apply for OCI and Renounce Indian Citizenship same time, check CKGS website for more details. You cal also apply for e-visa which will allow two entries to India within 60 days of your first arrival.