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  1. Firstly, you still have time to apply for H1-B extension, since your I-94 is expiring on Jan 9th, 2019. Act immediately. LCA must not take more then a week. And 1 day to apply. If your application reaches on the date of expiry Jan 9, 2019 you are still OK. Just don’t miss or exceed this deadline, else it counts towards unlawful presence. 1. No need to go to home country. You can go to any country. 2. You have mentioned that your change of status was already approved since your H1-B application got picked. I think you may need to get visa converted again to H-4 if planning to re-enter on H-4 visa. From what I know, a non-immigrant cannot hold 2 H-visa’s at the same time. Please re-confirm this from attorney. 3. No 4. H1-B and H4 related questions. Just be truthful. All the best
  2. ibrahim237

    H1B amendment is denied when out of country

    Hi, Even though your location/client change H1-B visa amendment got denied, you can still travel as long as you have valid I-797. The good part is, that you already have H1-B visa stamped on your passsport. The ONLY condition is, that at the US port of entry, you will have to show or prove that you are working at the same location and client as mentioned when filing your I-797 originally. You may get lucky if the immigration officer skips this question. Consult your company HR and attorney folks. All the best.
  3. ibrahim237

    I-94 Expired, New H1B, unlawful presence?

    Hi, Since your I-94 already expired and your application is already denied, I believe you should leave the country as soon as you can. In your case, unlawful presence of stay already started from December 18, 2018. Did you qualify for premium processing ? If yes, then you should have filed H1-B in premium processing. You may file H1-B with a new employer, but from outside of US. Consult your case with an expert attorney. All the best.
  4. Hi Kumar, Your old I-797 xyz is still valid. Although, this Validity reflects that your previous job, on which this I-797 was approved, is still valid. You will be in better place if you could get a job with the same previous end-client on the same location. All the best.
  5. ibrahim237

    H1B extension premium eligibility

    All regular processing’s can be upgraded to premium processing. Consult your attorney on how this can be done.
  6. Hi, What year are you in your H1-B and how many months were you outside of US ? If the visa extension is not based on I-140, then you still have time to file a fresh LCA and re-apply. Plus if you were present anytime outside of US, then you can recapture the period. LCA must not take more than a week. Even if your application reaches USCIS office on the day of I-94 expiry, you will still be good. Is your employer, location and end client same as before ? If yes, then you qualify for premium processing. All the best.
  7. ibrahim237

    H1-B Extension : I-797 and I-94 expiring

    Hello All, i have already received visa approval for 3 years. All the best to all folks.
  8. Hi *****, Have you taken a new job and have quit US ? Or is it only for a temporary period that you have taken a job in India ? Make sure when your application is approved, you still have a job in US. By the way, how did you manage to file EB2 NIW ? Are you an IT professional ? Thanks.
  9. ibrahim237

    H1 b Visa transfer

    Hi Kumar, Is your new employer not willing to transfer your work visa ? Are you still with your current employer ? My understanding is that since you didn’t initiate a visa transfer, your I-797 will still be valid. Also, PP is not open until Feb 2019, for H1-B transfer cases. I am not an attorney.
  10. ibrahim237

    H1-B Extension : I-797 and I-94 expiring

    Thank you both. This really helps. By the way, attorney still did not mail out the documents. They said Monday 12/03, documents will be shipped overnight and 12/04 the documents will arrive in Nebraska USCIS center. By the I am eligible for PP because my End Client, Location and Company is same. No change in either of these. Below are the docs that I have sent to attorney. Let me know if I am missing anything. CV, Client Letter (12 months and extendabale), vendor letter (3 years), Employer-Vendor work Order, Client-Vendor work order(MSA-12 months), latest paystubs, employee appraisal form, latest employee offer letter, All I-797, SSN and I-94 copies Thank you
  11. ibrahim237

    Can we file amendment in Premium Processing

    Hi. Yes, PP is open only at Nebraska USCIS service center. But, there are 3 conditions. 1. Client must be same 2. Location must be same 3. Employer must be same. Thanks.
  12. Hello, I am currently on H1-B visa. I-797 expiry date is 12/04/2018 and I-94 expiry date is 12/14/2018. My employer has now filed for extension in premium processing and documents will be mailed today 11/30/2018 to USCIS office. 1. Under Premium Processing, in how many days will the applicant receive the receipt number ? 2. Will I be out of status if I do not receive receipt number before I-797 expiration date 12/04/2018 ? 3. Can I work between these 10 days i.e; 12/04/2018 and 12/14/2018 ? Thank you.
  13. ibrahim237

    H1B after 1 year 3 months post 221g

    Hi Tejal, I had my H1b visa interview on September 9th 2011 in Hyderabad US Consulate. At the end of the interview, I was given 221g white slip and a questionairre via email to be filled up which i did. On January 23rd 2012, received an email from US Consulate requesting my siblings information which I provided. I waited for 5 months and no response except ADMIN PROCESSING from both VFS and DOS. Meanwhile, I lost all the hopes and started looking out for jobs in India and abroad. Finally, I got a job in September 2012 in Saudi Arabia as RF Engineer and have been working with them since. Did not receive any reply from US Consulate until March 20th 2013, (after 14 months from the last email I received) to submit passport for further visa case processing. But I could not submit the passport right-away as I had to provide at-least 45 days notice period of work handover before leaving the job. With much trouble and quitting the job in Saudi Arabia, I submitted the passport on May 12th 2013. When I track the passport, it shows " Deliver to Post " and no progress on the status. I am getting fed-up now. They already ruined my career for a year. Need your advice and suggestions. Thanks.
  14. ibrahim237

    221g White form @ hyderabad Nov,Dec

    Hi, I am in similar situation too. Interview date: 9th Sep 2011 The consular gave me a white slip and emailed questionnaire. Submitted all the docs as requested. No update on case status. Please pray for me too guys. Need them badly.